Yoshi Kawasaki: Analog 2 – Unencumbered

Yoshi Kawasaki: Analog 2 - Unencumbered 1
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

Yoshi Kawasaki presents episode 2 of his solo video called Analog. In “Unencumbered”, Yoshi plows his own hole with extremely big dildos. A warm, windy day in the teeming megacity. Tokyo crackles with energy during the Olympic Games, and this sunny afternoon finds countless people outside. Police sirens punctuate the bustle, restoring order to chaos bubbling just beneath the streets’ ebb and flow. This bristling surge of excitement brings our subject outdoors in search of illicit fun in a secluded, yet public, space.


Along a busy thoroughfare Yoshi enters a building through its emergency staircase. He finds no CCTV surveillance to interrupt any carnal pursuits. He climbs up, removes his shorts, revealing the anal plug already lodged in his voracious ass. Taking out his preferred playthings, a bullet dildo and a double header, he begins satisfying an aching need for release. With each surge in his sexual energy, he climbs higher. In the rooftop’s blazing sun, Yoshi takes the massive black bullet deep into his hole. Sexual excitement hits an unavoidable peak and he sprays out a gusher of sperm onto the butt plug. Pulling his shorts up, Yoshi gathers his toys into a backpack and heads outside once more.

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Yoshi Kawasaki: Analog 2 - Unencumbered

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