Jin Ueu & Yoshi Kawasaki – Dirty Mind

Jin Ueu & Yoshi Kawasaki - Dirty Mind 1
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

It’s time for an Asian gay fisting session. Japan fisting sluts Jin Ueu & Yoshi Kawasaki wreck each other’s rosebuds in Dirty Mind. It’s the spooky season for bright kinky color and shades of creepy action. Yoshi’s October trick turns to a special treat when two filthy pigs get together to play. His buddy Jin Ueo plays horny mad scientist, inserting a mysterious syringe full of neon-bright gooey slime up into Yoshi’s guts, not stopping till his ass is filled.


Yoshi tries in vain to hold the weird glop in, but his sloppy hole can’t keep from leaking goo back out of a blooming rosebud. Frenzied by the slime, their kinky play escalates when Yoshi begins fisting Jin’s eager hole. Once he’s wide-open, it’s Jin’s turn to take an ass-full of goo. As soon as he’s full to the bursting point, his hole spurts it out Alien-style onto Yoshi’s mouth for both to share. (Just wait for an even filthier part 2!)

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Jin Ueu & Yoshi Kawasaki - Dirty Mind

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