Kokeshi – Yoshi Kawasaki Solo

Kokeshi - Yoshi Kawasaki Solo
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

Kokeshi is an unusual solo scene by Yoshi Kawasaki. The hunky Japan stud slides a dildo in his ass and uses a vibrator to milk his dick. It’s definitely a different scene far away from Yoshi’s style but we still like it a lot.


Kokeshi are wooden Japanese dolls originally made for children to play with. However, Japanese people have found an erotic way to play with them as adults. When the head of kokeshi’s hard limbless body hits Yoshi’s prostate, he moans like an obedient bitch. His hole in high gear, he keeps on playing with the doll until he reaches a sticky climax.

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Kokeshi - Yoshi Kawasaki Solo 1

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