Witchcraft: Mistress Kinako & Yoshi Kawasaki

Witchcraft: Mistress Kinako & Yoshi Kawasaki 1
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In Witchcraft, Mistress Kinako and Yoshi Kawasaki get together once again. Yoshi is subjected to interesting BDSM procedures by Kinako. Mistress Kinako takes the stage during a live SM show presented at “Beyond Underground”. The merciless mistress summons Yoshi Kawasaki, one of her slaves, to the stage and starts binding him with a length of rope.

Slave prepared and properly immobilized, she takes the treatment further, using wax, whips, and nipple clamps to put him in his place. Mistress Kinako fists her submissive slave, then feeds him with his own anal juices. All the way to the pits of hell, Yoshi’s impassioned screams of exquisite torture pierce the dark space beyond underground.

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Witchcraft: Mistress Kinako & Yoshi Kawasaki

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