Greg Centuri & Toufik Mwaka – Jalif Studio

Greg Centuri & Toufik Mwaka - Jalif Studio 4
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

Ebony cock lover Toufik Mwaka wants a big dick in the ass and finds the perfect one at the bar where Greg Centuri drills Toufik rough. Greg Centuri sits at a bar in a European sex club. He is handed a bandana and told to blindfold himself before being locked in a giant cage. Toufik Mwaka appears in the club. He’s a handsome Moroccan guy with sensuous lips and beautiful skin. He approaches Greg in the cage and drops to his knees, reaching through the metal bars and gently pulling Greg’s giant dick out of his underpants.

He hungrily sucks the still-blindfolded Greg, who throws his head back in pure pleasure. Toufik certainly knows how to deliver the perfect blowjob. He takes Greg’s long, solid shaft deep into his throat, choking repeatedly, desperate to please. Toufik drops his pants and the two men embrace through the cage. Greg reaches around and finger’s Toufik’s tight hole before encouraging him to turn around and present his ass.

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Moments later, Greg pulls Toufik up to the cage and sinks his rock hard tool into the Moroccan’s smooth hole. Within seconds, Greg is thrusting in and out of Toufik, who acrobatically raises a leg in the air and clings to the cage before riding the hung top dude’s knob like a top quality jockey. The sex is super intense for both men. Greg remains blindfolded, without any sense of who he’s banging. Beads of lustful sweat pour down Toufik’s brow.

Toufik drops to his knees once again. Greg grabs his hair and jerks his big dick against the smooth skin of the Moroccan’s handsome face. The cum explosion is intense. Jets of thick, sticky jizz fizz from Greg’s dick and spray onto Toufik’s cheek, chin and neck. A well-used Toufik pulls away and sits on a leather couch, jerking his own rod hard and fast, tweaking his nipples which are now trussed up in metal tit clamps. The semen flies from the tip of his dick, coating his beautiful brown skin in a carpet of shimmering pearls.


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