Zack Hood Teaches Bad Boy Pedro Ramos A Cocky Lesson

Zack Hood Teaches Bad Boy Pedro Ramos A Cocky Lesson 3
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Young bastard Pedro Ramos gets a nice punishment this Christmas. Santa Zack Hood teaches the bad boy a cocky anal lesson. Twink Pedro Ramos is a naughty boy. When he sees the presents under the Christmas tree, he goes wild over them. As we all know, Santa Claus supposedly doesn’t like naughty boys, but in this case he likes him a little too much. He’s on hand to dish out the appropriate punishment, which is a few spanks on Pedro’s bare ass.

Soon the handsome little guy is bent over Santa’s knee, pajama pants down and bare cheeks taking a beating. Santa has more in store after his big cock is sucked and licked by the naughty boy. After opening a present, a fine little dildo is revealed – just what little Pedro needs to prepare his tight hole for Santa’s hard naked meat. It’s fair to say that little Pedro has learned his lesson as he shoots his load and while sucking the creamy white juice from Santa’s big cock, too.

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