Hung Your Brit: Sleazy & Seedy

Hung Your Brit: Sleazy & Seedy 6
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

There’s nothing unusual in this new video by Hung Young Brit. Sleazy & Seedy? Yep, it’s another cool, cum-filled bareback party with a hot bisexual dude. Here’s what George, the Hung Young Brit wrote: Let me tell you a bit about this lad. A bit of a bad boy but with a proper genuine good heart – really sweet and harmless when ya close to him – And just instantly horny when ever you talk about sex – that’s the one thing we def have in common – he goes crazy and can’t be controlled – just keeps going on about boys, lads, dicks – he’s not getting enough action so lucky Guy who ends up with him – He has had a few girlfriends – not sure if they are sexual – and was talking about how he feels comfortable like being gay and wanting to get fucked by boys but still would shag girls.

This sexy fucker who looks like Angel sent from heaven. He is laying on his side and I come slide my pre-spat wet dick right up his ass – ALL THE WAY – proper pushing it in deep. I get him legs in the air and fuck him – just as he asked for and the look on his face made me wanna shoot it right there and then. So I flip him on his side – push it back in and fucking give him it till I’m literally cumming as I’m pulling it out his ass.

Hung Young Brit

I was shocked at how straight acting proper horny geezer wanted to be fucked in the ass SO MUCH and I was well happy to cum give him. When I was holding his legs in the air and had his little white socks round my ears – I thought “YES _ IM GOING TO DUMP IT DEEP IN YOU MATE” and seeing, he was gagging for it. He is such a sweet person – you should meet him if u can – AMAZING KISSER!


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