Johnny B – Paddled and Plowed by Aspen

Johnny B - Paddled and Plowed by Aspen 3
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

Aspen turns into a rough sadist in this BDSM session.

Here’s the latest video form the newest gay BDSM site, Fetishmen, where rough sadist Aspen paddles, plows, torments, and uses poor Johnny B. Lean pale slaveboy Johnny B cowers blindfolded and gagged on the carpet, afraid of the punishment he’ll face when tough dom Aspen comes back. Then the hot muscular top steps in, paddle in hand, and smacks it across Johnny’s tight little ass. Aspen gets into his work, yanking on his big cock and humping Johnny before he opens his mouth to nip at the tender skin on his sub’s back.

So turned on that he can’t hold back, Aspen plows his thick tool into Johnny’s open and defenseless hole. He pulls out just long enough to run an appreciative hand into his bound slave boy’s slick ass crack. Spit and precum slides down out of Johnny’s hole as he’s split in half by Aspen’s rock-hard pole. The rosy welts on his back are further stung by the little bites of Aspen’s teeth. Fucked hard and tenderized, Johnny kneels before his master and opens his throat to a deep rough mouth fuck.

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Aspen folds him backward to give Johnny’s ass another round of paddling and plowing. Sweating and aching to cum, Johnny kneels to beat off next to his hot dom. He gets his reward for being a good slave when Aspen hands him the paddle and invites him to smack his master’s heavy nuts. When Aspen slurps Johnny’s cock to the point he’s about to cum, he beats back the sensation by smacking the horny sub with a long round paddle.

He sits back and allows Johnny to get off riding on his cock. A geyser of hot sperm splatters the couch as Johnny’s ass milks Aspen’s throbbing tool. He kneels down to catch his master’s load in his cockstarved mouth.


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