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The Hung Young Brit Shoots 11 Loads Into A Hole

George, the Hung Young Brit just broke his own record. In this video, he fucks a pervy bottom and shoots 11 loads into his gaping ass. We can write only 1 thing: just WOW! As usual, here’s the original story by George: Waking up in the middle of the night and fucking horny little cunt – I pulled his boxers down, spit on my fingers shove them into his hole, and fuck that Danny boy! He is a sex-mad cute lad. He spends the night round ours and fucked rotten – Creampie Galore.

I’m fucking him all night long and you know me guys – I can really cum quite a few times! Oh, and it’s not just in his ass. Me and this horny sex mad little fucker work on my record (which is 8 times btw) for the number of times I can fuck and spunk in 1 night! Yeah, this is by far the most amount of cum I’ve ever shot in 1 session and we got most of it on film for you too. I think what made it hotter than most is that we didn’t have anyone else there filming us – in fact, the flat was completely empty.

We had left the cam right next to us (I kinda had a feeling this would be happening). The footage is a bit grainy at first because it’s dark and stuff but it’s fucking horny AS Fuck watching it because it’s REAL – I love fucking him knowing my spunk’s already up his ass – AND LOTS OF IT. It’s as wet as an ocean up there!! I’m doing him on his side flip him over and start fucking him face down – such a tight arse on him and he’s begging for it – Halfway through we stick the lights on and I put him on the floor – you can proper see my dick going in and out of his smooth ass!

He’s drenched in cum! This boy left the flat the next day with over 10 LOADS up his ass (no lie). I’ve got hard writing this again and going to have another wank now… Danny is not only one sexy lad but he’s 100% family to us now – he’s moved in and living with us!! I know you will like him, just promise me you won’t fall in love coz he’s a right heart
breaker (without knowing it). I’ll only say it once – Don’t go falling in love with him – he is not that type of boy – he really just wants to suck on a dick and play with your cum — he will fuck you for FREE – he’s absolutely gagging for it.


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