Dominic Pacifico Destroys Benvi’s Ass

Dominic Pacifico Destroys Benvi's Ass 1
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

Benvie had a tight ass but then met Dominic Pacifico. The muscle porn star fucked, stretched, and pumped Benvi’s hole and made it so wide. After a hot session of urethral sounding, it’s time to turn their attention to filling Benvi’s horned-up hole with Dominic’s big cock and an array of bigger and biggest sex toys. Dominic kneels behind, nuts held tight in a cockring, and rams his fuckpole in raw and rough, to Benvi’s happy groans.

He thrusts in deep, hitting the young stud’s magic p-spot and getting that ass twitching with an insatiable hunger. An oversized black butt plug opens Benvi up for more and more hot toy play. With jaw dropped and eyes rolling back into his head, Benvi’s ready for whatever merciless ass play Dominic can dish out. Dominic pulls out the massive toy and slides all his fingers into the bottom’s slick wet hole.

Hung Young Brit

Time to suck that pucker into a swollen, pulsing ring. Dominic slides in a clear plastic toy, starts pumping out the air to allow Benvi’s hole to grow thick and engorged. Dominic slips off the vacuum pump and licks Benvi’s thick donut. “Is that Daddy’s hole?” Dominic demands and his horny little fucker moans helplessly in agreement. “It’s all yours, Daddy!”

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Dominic Pacifico Destroys Benvi's Ass

Dominic Pacifico Destroys Benvi's Ass 1

Dominic Pacifico Destroys Benvi's Ass 2

Dominic Pacifico Destroys Benvi's Ass 3

Dominic Pacifico Destroys Benvi's Ass 4

Dominic Pacifico Destroys Benvi's Ass 5


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