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Kandy Bottoms For Jamie – Amateurs Do It

Two horny bareback lovers make their debuts at Amateurs Do It. Australian dude Jamie has an extremely big cock that perfectly fits Kandy’s ass.

Didn’t take too long for Jamie to join us back in the studio. Kandy is no stranger to the camera, either, so naturally we thought these two would do well together. Kandy enjoys Jamie kissing him. Both are all smiles as they lean onto each other. As Kandy jumps onto the bed, he reaches for Jamie’s stomach, slowly peeling up his shirt to reveal more of his slender body. Going back for a kiss, he starts to run his lips over his neck and work his way down to Jamie’s hardening cock, softly biting on underwear, making the thin fabric wet and see-through with his saliva.

It’s no surprise that Jamie is basically fully hard as Kandy takes his giant cock into his throat for the first time. Slapping his throbbing member onto his face, making him gag on his cock while he moans in ecstasy. Kandy seems to love taking him inside his throat, taking his time on pleasing Jamie. They start to strip off their clothes so Jamie can get a taste of Kandy’s cock. After a while they’re kissing on top of each other, softly moaning in each other’s ears while their cocks rub together. Seems like Kandy can’t get enough of that cock. Pretty soon, he’s gagging on Jamie’s rock hard cock. Jamie has no problem with it as Kandy kisses his balls to the tip of his cock, hungry for every inch of him.

Kandy crawls up the bed and turns around so Jamie can get a taste of that hole, filling him with his tongue and getting him ready for what’s to come. In and out, sliding out of his warm hole. Jamie’s face is completely focused on getting it nice and wet. Pretty soon the lube comes out and Kandy gets into position. Laying on his side, Jamie slowly pushes his cock into Kandy’s wet hole.

“Fuck you’re so big,” says Kandy as Jamies pushes himself inside him, getting on all fours so Jamie can take him from behind, pumping him faster than he has before. Kandy takes more and more of his wet cock while Jamie smiles in pleasure, checking in on him once in a while thrusting his raw cock in and out of his bottom for the night…

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Kandy Bottoms For Jamie - Amateurs Do It

Kandy Bottoms For Jamie - Amateurs Do It 1

Kandy Bottoms For Jamie - Amateurs Do It 2

Kandy Bottoms For Jamie - Amateurs Do It 3

Kandy Bottoms For Jamie - Amateurs Do It 4

Kandy Bottoms For Jamie - Amateurs Do It 5

Kandy Bottoms For Jamie - Amateurs Do It 6


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