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Tyler Tanner & Draven Navarro – TwinkTop

In this TwinkTop scene, Coach Draven Navarro seduces his big-dicked athlete, Tyler Tanner, and removes all of his performance anxiety with his tight hole.

Young Tyler is an incredibly gifted athlete, but he’d been underperforming for weeks. I decided to call him into my office to see if there was anything I could do to help. I got him lying on the couch with his eyes closed. When a boy is good and relaxed, he becomes very open to suggestion. This allows me to dig down and remove the seed of doubt which has made its way into his head.

Tyler very quickly entered a state of deep relaxation. It wasn’t long before I felt confident enough to suggest he start playing with himself. A couple of moments later, I was able to take over – gently running my fist up and down the shaft of his big, solid dick, before taking the precious object in my mouth. Man, he tasted good! I threw myself face down on the couch, and allowed him to take initiative and decide what to do next. It’s all part of the process of instilling a boy with confidence.

Tyler was quick to get inside me. He pulled down my shorts and started tonguing my hole, getting me good and wet, before assertively pulling me into a position where he could penetrate me. I’m not gonna lie. It felt awesome. The boy knew exactly what he was doing and he had pretty impressive stamina to boot. He long-dicked me for what seemed like hours before ordering me onto my back so that he could bang me at twice the speed. He pulled out and sprayed a thick load all over my groin. I instantly followed suit, exploding impassively into the wet puddles of semen that he’d shot all over me.

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Tyler Tanner & Draven Navarro - TwinkTop

Tyler Tanner & Draven Navarro - TwinkTop 1

Tyler Tanner & Draven Navarro - TwinkTop 2

Tyler Tanner & Draven Navarro - TwinkTop 3

Tyler Tanner & Draven Navarro - TwinkTop 4

Tyler Tanner & Draven Navarro - TwinkTop 5

Tyler Tanner & Draven Navarro - TwinkTop 6


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