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TwinkTop: Logan Cross & Max Romano

This week from TwinkTop, cute big-dicked twink Logan Cross gets the perfect thanksgiving gift; a sexy new sports coach Max Romano!

My name’s Max Romano and I’m the new sports coach. The boys here are all into fitness and it’s a pleasure to hone their skills. One of them, Logan, is particularly intriguing. I often find him staring at me in an almost curious sexual way. Yesterday, I threw caution to the wind and invited him to my office for a “chat.” He was, of course, all over me in an instant. I’ve never overstepped the mark with a student before, but it all felt incredibly natural.

I recklessly tore his shirt off before turning my attention to the impressive bulge in his shorts. I toyed with it for some time, running my stubbly cheeks and mouth over its fabric encasement until the boy was panting with uncontrollable lust. I pulled his dick out of the side of his jock and sucked it like my life depended on it.

He soon took control and had me on all fours, back arched, presenting my muscular, tight, daddy-ass to him like a true cum-hungry bottom. His raw dick slid into my ass like a hot knife slicing into butter. He ground slowly to begin with but within a couple of minutes was brutally slamming his penis in and out of me like a horny rabbit in spring. Then he started banging at full tilt, grunting and groaning like a crazed animal.

He suddenly pulled out and I instantly felt the thick globules of semen spattering onto my back. He immediately began to scoop the jizz up with the tip of his dick before thrusting himself back into me again, depositing his sleazy gift deep inside my body.

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TwinkTop: Logan Cross & Max Romano

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