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Kevin Reed and Alonso 10

Kevin Reed and Alonso

Kevin Reed assured me that he used really big toys to play with his ass while at home. We even went through the variety...
Alonso and Vander Raw 10

Alonso and Vander Raw

Alonso fills all Vander's holes. First he deep-thorats him and then fucks Vander'a ass with his thick, uncut dick. From ChaosMen.Com: Vander was in town...
Alonso and Daniel 1

Alonso and Daniel

Daniel was really hoping to work with an African-American guy, and just as I was starting to work with him, Alonso and I met...
Alonso and Ransom 1

Alonso and Ransom

Based on my meeting with Alonso, it sounded like his experience with guys has been mostly jerking-off together, and occasionally swapping oral. I figured...

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