Gay Porn Stars
Colton and Justin
This week’s update features two fine physiques as Justin and Colton wrestle on the bed. Justin always comes prepared and he has a butt plug clenched between his tight cheeks. Justin sucks Colton’s cock and then Colton replaces the butt plug with his tongue. After tying themselves into a... Read more
PJ and Michael
Smooth Euro twink Michael lights up with buff top PJ…the two take turns swapping smoke, swapping head, and then PJ flips Michael onto his knees for a deep fuckin! He even lights a new cigarette WHILE pounding Michael’s hole! These two smoke like chimneys and their smoke sex is... Read more
Kyle and James
Uncut chainsmokers Kyle and James smoke up the bedroom! Both hotties swap smoke, suck each other’s cocks and then Kyle gets fucked doggie style. James lights up one cig after another while he drills Kyle’s ass and Kyle chainsmokes the whole time too! Read more
Alex Jerks Off
Alex has found a quiet bench in the middle of nowhere. It’s another blistering Australian summer day so he strips off his gear and reveals his big dick. Watch his big balls dangle from the bench as he pulls on his meaty cock. The birds chirp their approval as... Read more
Cristian and Arnaldo
Power bottom Cristian has masculine boy Arnaldo in the kitchen, teasing him with his naked young body. Arnaldo plans to bareback fuck this boy and gets busy rimming his sweet Latin ass, getting it ready for his monster uncut dick to slide in. In return, Cristian sucks his top’s... Read more
Chris and Jacob
Chris and Jacob are a couple of married guys that like to play on the side. Chris prefers to identify with straight and says he thinks that Jacob is really bisexual on our way to pick up Jacob. It’s still daylight out and seems that these guys usually do... Read more
Giussepe and Jack
Latin boy Jack is kicked back in a chair flipping through a magazine when daddy Giussepe walks in and makes it clear he would like some sex. Soon daddy has his hands all over the skinny boy and their clothes start stripping off. Down to their underwear, Jack pulls... Read more
Chuy and Beto
I’ve worked with Chuy before and knew he’d be the perfect top to fuck new boy Beto. This bottom loves that rough Latino bad boy look that Chuy displays, so it was a safe bet he would deliver a hot performance once the camera was recording. This big boy... Read more
Jake Jerks Off
In Phoenix straight boy Jake looked so hot that we just wanted to film him jacking off. Jake is definitely a grower and his cock grows quickly in his hands and explodes a massive load all over his ripped abs. Read more
Leo Rocca and Harvey
Leo Rocca and Harvey met on set and have been a couple ever since. The good news for us is that because they are in a committed relationship they decided to do today’s gay porn shoot bareback. Leo’s big thick cock slides into Harvey’s hairy ass covered only in... Read more
Matthias Jerks Off
Well hello Matthias – at first look you might expect him to be a Nordic warrior raiding his way through Australia but he’s actually Austrian. Very close to Australian but slightly different. Either way he is definitely one hell of sexy man and even though he describes his body... Read more
Hung Twinks On Wheels Scene One
Out rollerblading, this guy comes up to me and says, wanna make some money modeling? Look, I know what he means, and I actually get hit on a lot. I keep myself tan and in good shape; amused, I agree. Back at my place, he starts to shoot me,... Read more
Alejo and Antonio
Horny Latino Antonio rides a big, bare dick. Antonio has found a private place to jerk off when he is discovered by Alejo. The older man instructs the twink to get on his knees and suck his big cock, and the boy does as he’s told. Once Alejo’s monster... Read more
Jason Solo
It’s pretty hot in Tyler’s room today. Sexy dude Jason Jerks his dick. Enjoy him! From Tyler: Once out of his clothes you can see just how skinny this boy really is, and as he works his uncut cock we also notice he has nothing to be ashamed of.... Read more
Wolfe Gunmetal Solo
We have a curly, fluffy puppy in today’s Straight Naked Thugs video. 21 years old Wolfe Gunmetal jerks his dick for his and our pleasure. Enjoy! From The Studio: When Wolfe isn’t working hard during the day he loves going to the gym and working out with his buddies.... Read more
Ladder Fuck
Zane Anders, Tobias and Tom Faulk have a new boy toy – Brandon Evans. They bare fuck his tight ass, stretched in advance with a small dildo. From Dick Dorm: Who knew fucking on a ladder could be so hot?! Apparently these guys did, since they knew exactly what... Read more
Lex Smokin By The Fireplace
Newports chainsmoker Lex smokes his way through half a pack! Hot inahles and exhales, and a nice long stroke session on his big dick. Lex gets so worked up he cums TWICE! Read more
Straight Jock Lex Is Ready To Bust
Lex is back and looking damn fine in his sexy shiny shorts, but he looks even better out of them. There’s a lot of cum in his cock needing to be shot out, and his stiffness right from the start shows he’s been needing this for a while. We’re... Read more
The Frat Boys Know How To Have Fun!
They’re nervous, but they’ll soon be enjoying themselves more than they ever have! The two fit young jocks are the center of the party as they’re ordered around, with dicks in their faces and their own cocks being jerked and sucked as the paddling punishment begins. With so much... Read more
Izzy – Part 2
As we move into the second half, it turned out to be a five-minute process to get the Aneros Vice only partially inserted, and then Izzy’s brain couldn’t comprehend how to turn himself over. lol After about ten minutes of rubbing and tugging, it became readily apparent that the... Read more
Tied Up Fuck Hole
Riley a fucking nark. that piece of shit snitched us. I grabbed a few beers and got the boys together. We shoved our dicks in his mouth and up his ass. This kid wouldn’t shut his hole. He’s a real screamer! Read more
Big Latino Cocks: Ezra
Ezra is a gorgeous young Latino, with a buff smooth body and big uncut cock. I’ve been trying to get a video of him for a long time, but he does not want to show his cute face. Finally, I told him he could wear a mask, if he... Read more
Casey and Tyler
After almost being caught having some kinky fun on the roof Casey and Tyler have retreated the a special secret spot in the converted basement. No one can interrupt them here as they continue their fun, sucking on those long and hard young cocks, finally enjoying some real fun... Read more
Angel and Little G.
Angel doesn’t usually get his cock worked over so expertly, and that’s why he’s so willing to share his massive meat with a horny guy like Little G. The dude knows how to work that big black cock with some real skill, even taking the whole thing in his... Read more
Mike and Trey
Kicking back and watching some pussy porn, Mike and Trey soon have their hard cocks out in their fists. The two check each other out, enjoying the look of another stiff boner being jerked, but when the offer of some head is made the game changes for the better.... Read more
Milked: Davis
Here we are at the end of Davis’ three-part, epic journey (would that be “Lord of the Anal Rings”?), and once again, we have a cumshot for the CAUSA record book! I believe the phrase was “over the top” — both literally and figuratively. Read more
Meet Izzy
Actually, I was just as surprised to hear from Izzy inquiring about a second shoot after his inquiry last October wherein I directed him to Kristoff’s second shoot and explained that that was the context of the content. Crickets… until last week. Given that Izzy’s willingness to participate in... Read more
Bubblegum Memories – Part 1
This series of videos focuses on the art and rock of the hard cock; 18 and hung, ready to amuse and strum. Fantasy hits home as these twinks let their imagination designate just where to put their asses and huge cocks, play on. Read more
Wesley, Preston, Austin and Noah
Wesley, Preston, Austin and Noah all fire up some smokes and jump in bed for a cock sucking, hard smoking, ass pounding four way! Noah and Preston get fucked deep and hard by Wesley and Austin in this smoke filled sweaty fuckfest! Read more
Lorenzo and Rapper
I’ve already done a couple of shoots with Rapper, but this is the first one where he’s on the bottom. My new guy agreed to do this shoot, but only if he got to shove his big uncut cock up Rapper’s tight ass. Rapper is versatile, but would rather... Read more