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Kevin and Andre 8

Kevin and Andre

Kevin is a nerdy twink with a horny streak, and loves black cock. The bigger the dick the better the fuck, and Kevin seduces...
Andre and Tiger 8

Andre and Tiger

These two ethnic hotties come together by exploring each others tight toned bodies in every way possible. With tender kisses and nipple licking, the...
Jorge and Andre 6

Jorge and Andre

Sex in the kitchen never fails when hot ebony stud Andre is cleaning in his jockstrap. Latino hottie Jorge walks in and spots that...
Marco and Andre 8

Marco and Andre

Who can resist a sexy hot black guy in the shower? Marco stands and observes the curves on Andre as he's in the shower...
Taylor and Andre 4

Taylor and Andre

These two horny boys can't keep their hands off each another. They're passionately making out, unaware their friend Andy is walking by shaking his...
Tiger and Andre 6

Tiger and Andre

We look in on young Tiger and Andre making out naked in a big walk in shower. After enjoying each other's kisses, slippery bodies...
Raw Latin Beef: Andre and Alexandre

Raw Latin Beef: Andre and Alexandre

Ah, the sweet scent of "down under." This sexy scene includes Andre, in the white and Alexandre, the "nippled" bottom. Feasting on the top's...

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