Gay Porn Stars
Dale Savage and Jackson Reed
Dale Savage breeds raw Jackson Reed in this older & younger video by Breed Me Raw. Jackson Reed noticed a hot buff daddy move into the vacant house two doors down and was trying to figure out a away to go over there and get a taste of that... Read more
Tyler Reed and Sean Knight
Tyler Reed fucks raw Sean Knight for Breed Me Raw. Tyler Reed just moved into a new upscale neighborhood and was in his garage buffing up his Pimp Daddy truck when his hot neighbor walks in carrying a freshly baked cream pie. Sean Knight had seen this big daddy... Read more
Brian Bonds and Scott Riley – Scene 2
Brian Bonds isn’t only a good bottom but also a very good top, as you’ll see in this Bred Me Raw video with Scott Riley. Scott Riley noticed he had a hot new neighbor move in beside his house and he needed a reason to go over their and... Read more
Marc Giacomo and Tyler Griz
Hairy older male Marc Giacomo fucks bareback Tyler Griz for Breed Me Raw. Marc Giacomo just moved into the neighborhood and is putting together some furniture when the doorbell rings. It’s his new neighbor Tyler Griz, who brought over a cream pie to welcome him to the area. Marc... Read more
Bishop Angus and Jackson Reed
Hairy daddy Bishop Angus fucks raw young gay bottom Jackson Reed for Breed Me Raw. Jackson Reed loves his job. He is a pool boy for rich men in Las Vegas. However, he does like to get paid for all his hard work. After cleaning Bishop Angus‘ house pool,... Read more
Tyler Reed and Tyler Griz
Big dick bareback daddy Tyler Reed fucks younger bottom Tyler Griz, this week at Breed Me Raw. Tyler Reed has found his new fuck toy – horny bottom guy Tyler Griz. Griz is the perfect dude for daddy Reed – he loves aggressive raw sex, and we know that... Read more
Mason Lear and Draven Navarro
Mason Lear loves big, beefy daddies, just like tattooed hunk Draven Navarro. Draven is eager to feel the bearded younger stud in his cum hungry bareback hole. Mason Lear looks pretty attractive and Draven Navarro wastes no time. On his knees he’s sucking Mason’s cock. Draven can feel how... Read more
Marc Giacomo and Brian Bonds
Brian Bonds shows what a perfect bottom means in this week’s bareback premiere by Tyler Reed’s Breed Me Raw. Bonds serves Marc Giacomo to prove himself as the best gay bottom. The good bottom must suck dick.. he has to take it deep down his throat, just like Brian.... Read more
The Best Gay Porn Scenes Last Week – Edition 2018/07/08
This Sunday we’re starting something new and we hope you’ll enjoy it – the best gay porn scenes of the week. We do it because we publish so many videos every week but some of them deserve special attention. So, let’s check out what was best for the last... Read more
Michael Roman and Teddy Bryce
Michael Roman fucks bareback Teddy Bryce for Tyler Reed’s Breed Me Raw. Michael Roman was in bed with his hot boy toy Teddy Bryce watching bareback porn on a hot new site they found. This got Teddy all hot and bothered but Michael had to go to bed early... Read more
Bishop Angus and Michael Roman – Scene 2
Bishop Angus and Michael Roman raw fuck again for Tyler Reed’s Breed Me Raw. Bishop Angus and his hot boyfriend Michael Roman where laying in bed watching TV for the evening. Bishop wanted to chill but Michael wanted his hole used desperately and was disappointed when Bishop insisted they... Read more
Mason Lear and Dusty Williams – Scene 2
Mason Lear and Dusty Williams in their second scene together for Tyler Reed’s Breed Me Raw. Mason Lear wanted to call it an early night in bed but his boyfriend Dusty Williams was a little frisky. Mason put his foot down and they went to bed. But that didn’t... Read more
Tyler Reed and Riley Mitchel
Hairy stud Riley Mitchel bottoms for Tyler Reed. Tyler Reed was having a lazy afternoon working on his next shoot while his partner Riley Mitchel was out servicing his clients. Riley comes home with a worked over hole and wanted it worked over some more by his Big Daddy,... Read more
Sean Knight and Dale Savage
Sean Knight breeds daddy Dale Savage today at Breed Me Raw. Dale Savage loves getting used by hot young men and not seeing who they are so he starts texting an anonymous fuck he had in his contacts to come over and work him over. Daddy needed some seed... Read more
Tyler Reed and Bishop Angus
Breed Me Raw presents Tyler Reed and Bishop Angus. Everyone knows Tyler Reed is a big top but so is Bishop Angus. Bishop starts by giving Tyler a back massage but it quickly turns confrontational as to who is the bigger top and who is gonna fuck who. Bishop... Read more
Shay Michaels and Aarin Asker – Scene 3
Gay porn super stars Shay Michaels and Aarin Asker get together for the third time in this Breed Me Raw scene by Tyler Reed. Aarin Asker loves getting roughed up, especially by a big beefy dude. Having serviced Shay Michaels before, Aarin knew how to service and take his... Read more
Bishop Angus and Mason Lear
Beefy daddy Bishop Angus barebacks Mason Lear in this video by Tyler Reed’s Breed Me Raw. On a lazy Saturday afternoon, Mason Lear is surfing a hot bareback site and gets himself all horny for raw cock. He texts his Daddy and is not getting a response. He knows... Read more
Michael Roman and Scott Riley
Beefy, tattooed gay porn stars Michael Roman and Scott Riley have barebacks sex in this video by Breed Me Raw. Scott Riley hadn’t had his big phat ass worked over by Daddy in a week and was in heat for his raw cock and load. But with Daddy not... Read more
Brian Bonds and Buddy Mason
Buddy Mason is wearing his Daddy’s favorite briefs hoping he will come over and fuck him in them, but he is not responding to his texts. Frustrated, Buddy texts his porn star buddy Brian Bonds and asks if he can go to him and get his load up his... Read more
Bishop Angus and Brian Bonds
Revenge sex is the best sex, isn’t it? Earlier in the week, Brian Bonds had his way with hot bottom boy Scott Riley but for his last scene of the week Brian had to be bottom for Scott’s big muscle bear boyfriend Bishop Angus. Well let me tell you,... Read more
Mason Lear and Josh Stone
Josh Stone was waiting around the glory holes to get some big cock to service when a nice thick cut meat shoved its way thru the hole and into his mouth. The thought of getting his face fucked anonymously is a complete turn on for him. But he finally... Read more
Tyler Reed and Steven Roman
After a long day on set, Tyler Reed and his new boy toy Steven Roman where laying around in bed naked chatting about their day. Steven’s hairy muscle bod was beginning to turn Tyler on and before you knew it Tyler was grabbing the back of Steven’s head and... Read more
Brian Bonds and Michael Roman
Brian Bonds introduces his first Stoney Moment scene with Michael Roman to discuss Michael’s sex addiction or, in layman’s terms, Michael being a slut. It doesn’t take long before Brian is shoving his thick cock down Michael’s throat while Michael beats his own cock, begging for more. Michael then... Read more
Mason Lear and Scott Riley
Scott Riley and his Big Daddy are curled up on the bed for the evening watching some TV and discussing their day when Tyler Reed gets a phone call from his production manager that there is a problem with one of the models. Since he is the only one... Read more
Michael Roman and Trey Turner
Trey Turner is having his morning shower while his Big Daddy is shaving and getting ready to head to set, when Trey asks Tyler what he should be making for supper that evening. Trey could hardly pay attention as all he was thinking about was having a guy talked... Read more
Adam Ryker and Jacob Durham
Jacob Durham and his Big Daddy were in for the night, and in the kitchen trying to figure out what to make for supper. But it’s kinda hard to do that when he and Tyler Reed are both shirtless and having foreplay right there in the kitchen! Tyler gets... Read more
Brian Bonds and Aarin Asker
Aarin Asker is in bed beside Big Daddy. He’s got a raging hard-on and a desperate need to get his ass bareback fucked and seeded. Tyler Reed however must get to set this morning so sex is gonna have to wait. But as soon as Tyler leaves, Aarin phones... Read more
Brian Bonds and Damien Brooks
Having just got two fresh loads in his ass, Damien Brooks heads back to the gym to finish his workout that he started an hour ago, but catches the eye of hottie Brian Bonds getting his pump on as well. But Brian was almost done his workout and was... Read more
Trey Turner and Hans Berlin – Scene 2
Hans Berlin was in town for the week doing some shoots and figured he would go to the gym to get his legs pumped up. Little did he know it was a gym where guys went to hookup and gossip about all the sluts that go there. While there,... Read more
Russ Magnus and Damien Brooks
Not knowing where his husband was, Russ Magnus needed to stop in at the gym before they headed back home to London later that evening. The gym was busy but Russ managed to get a good pump on while this hot beefy black boy Damien Brooks struck up a... Read more