Gay Porn Stars
Dusty Williams and Teddy Bryce
Dusty Williams and his fuck bud Teddy Bryce were hanging in their room at this hot resort when they caught a glimpse of a hot porn star laying by the pool playing with his cock. This got them all hot for each other and before you knew it they... Read more
Bishop Angus and Michael Roman
It was Saturday morning and Michael Roman was horny as hell. While laying in bed playing with his cock he wanted a muscle Daddy to fuck with so he texted his old fuck buddy Bishop Angus. Bishop did not waste any time coming over and whipping out his thick... Read more
Tyler Reed and Leo Forte
We all know Tyler Reed is a big ol alpha top. What do you think happens would you put him with an equally cocky alpha versatile like Leo Forte? You will be watching the fuck match of your life! From the minute these two started having sex Leo knew... Read more
Mason Lear and Hans Berlin
It was a gorgeous morning at the gay resort when Hans Berlin gave Mason Lear a kiss on the cheek and started fondling his morning wood under the sheets. It didn’t take Mason much convincing to stay in bed all day and fuck. Mason soon returned the favor and... Read more
Tyler Reed and Trey Turner
It was almost the end of the week and Tyler Reed asked one of his fuck toys, Trey Turner, to give him a back massage. Now Trey thought he could be a smart ass and asked how is he gonna get paid. Well Tyler turned over, grabbed his cock... Read more
Mason Lear and Dusty Williams
While surfing the web, Mason Lear and Dusty Williams stumble onto Tyler Reed’s site. They find a particularly hot vid and decide to try some moves. Making out quickly turns to cock sucking, with Dusty hungrily deep-throating Mason’s shaft. Mason takes control and face fucks him, slamming balls deep... Read more
Tyler Reed and Jacob Durham
What do you do when you have a 275lb muscle man on top of you giving you a back massage? Well you can start enjoying it and then you can do whatever that big man says! That is what Jacob Durham did when he had big muscle daddy Tyler... Read more
Scott Riley and Alex Hawk
Alex Hawk was alone and horny so he decided to text his old fuck buddy, Scott Riley. After a few minutes of sex-ting Alex said, “Door’s open. U know your way to my room.” Scott was over within minutes and the two studs got down to business reacquainting themselves... Read more
Bishop Angus and Teddy Bryce
While laying in bed together, Bishop Angus and Teddy Bryce start to browse porn on their iPad. Teddy is curious to see what kind of porn the hot, older stud is into. Bishop suggests Tyler Reed’s site, BarebackFlixxx. Teddy is slightly apprehensive about bareback porn but is secretly turned... Read more
Leo Forte and Brian Bonds
Last week you watched Brian Bonds get ass fucked good by Tyler Reed and seeded deep, like a good slut. If you remember, you were left hanging with the camera man’s cock getting serviced by Brian but not knowing who the big fat cock belonged to. Here now, you’re... Read more
Tyler Reed and Brian Bonds
I have been wanting to fuck Brian Bond for awhile now and this week I finally go the chance to give it to him good. I first got him to give me a massage as I was planning on putting my back into fucking his slut hole, as I... Read more
Aarin Asker and Buddy Mason
Sucking some thick man meat thru a glory hole and not knowing who it belongs to is half the fun of sucking that cock. Aarin Asker was on his knees getting his face fucked by a nice thick juicy cock and enjoying every inch when he wanted to shove... Read more
Tyler Reed, Jacob Durham and Beau Reed
Not too often do I get to join in and make it a 3-way but I could not resist when I paired up Jacob Durham with my bottom boy Beau Reed. Jacob’s thick cut meat is a treat to watch enter Beau’s big hockey butt that I could just... Read more
Beau Reed and Logan Moore
In a sleazy hotel, Logan Moore finds himself with big ass bottom Beau Reed going down on his uncut European cock and enjoying every inch. But when Logan saw that phat ass in the air he knew he had to shove his face in there deep and come up... Read more
Beau Reed and Leo Forte
When Leo Forte saw a tall bubble butt walking around on set all week he just had to have a piece of that ass. He went begging Tyler Reed to be able to fuck his partner, Beau Reed. Tyler gladly let Leo have a piece of that phat ass... Read more
Brian Bonds and Beau Reed
It was nearing the end of the week and both Brian Bonds and Beau Reed have been worked over well by all the tops on set but they still wanted to get it on and fuck each other. These boys didn’t waste time swallowing each others’ cock deep getting... Read more
Jacob Durham and Leo Forte
Leo Forte loves a good thick cock up his ass and when Jacob Durham showed up he knew he was going to get used good. But Leo wanted Jacob to use a condom on his big ass as he didn’t trust where Jacob was all weekend. Reluctantly Jacob puts... Read more
Gabriel Fisk, Russ Magnus and Trey Turner
Gabriel Fisk, Russ Magnus and Trey Turner! Yes, this would be a bareback threesome of the year! From Tyler Reed: Finally, the 3-some I have been waiting for! Husbands Russ Magnus and Gabriel Fisk get it on with hot and beefy, Trey Turner. Russ was supposed to be the... Read more
Hans Berlin Fucks Daxton Ryker Raw
German super top Hans Berlin barebacks daddy Daxton Ryker. From BreedMeRaw.Com: Daxton Ryker was overdue to be fucked bareback. Hard. Like a slut. And he wanted a nice German sausage to do the fucking. Enter Hans Berlin who has a resume of fucking slut bottoms. Daxton, being a huge... Read more
Ray, Hans, Trey and Brian – Part 2
Ray Diesel, Hans Berlin, Trey Turner and Brian Bonds have unfinished business. So they return for the second part of their big, pool table bareback orgy. The first part is here. From Tyler Reed: Last week, what started out as in innocent pool table game, soon turned into a... Read more
Ray, Hans, Trey and Brian – Part 1
Tops vs. Bottoms is how this pool game was gonna be played but it didn’t take long before the sticks where dropped and the balls were out between these bareback sluts. Ray Diesel and Trey Turner on the top side soon got their bottoms to their knees, sucking hot... Read more
Tyler Griz and Chip Young
While playing a game of pool, Chip Young and Tyler Griz could not stop talking about the orgy they were in the night before. They both got horny again while talking about it and decided to play with each others stick and balls. The shirts came off and Tyler... Read more
Russ Magnus and Trey Turner
When it comes to fat thick uncut cock Russ Magnus definitely has the package. And there is nothing a bottom loves more than a nice thick cock to stretch his hole and make him feel every inch. When Trey Turner started going down on Russ’s cock and he watched... Read more
Ray Diesel and Brian Bonds
Brian Bonds loves being a slut bottom for big tops but he will really submit if your cock is 10″ and black! That is what he did when Ray Diesel dropped his pants and his big shlong just fell out of his shorts, practically begging to be sucked and... Read more
Gabriel Fisk and Damien Brooks – Scene 3
Having fucked Damien’s PHAT black ass before, Gabriel Fisk could not wait to get back in that hot hole and seed it one more time. With Damien Brooks on his knees staring up at the fat uncut cock with a zero-gauge PA, Gabriel watched as his cock filled Damien’s... Read more
Beau Reed and Diego Tovar
Payback can be a bitch sometimes and Diego Tovar knew that as soon as Beau Reed walked into the room and the producer said, “It’s now your turn to give up your ass Diego!” Before Diego knew it Beau was towering over him and holding the back of his... Read more
Hans Berlin and Trey Turner
Two weeks ago Trey Turner was left with a load in his ass and his legs up in the air. In steps another raw cock to fuck his sloppy loose hole. To his excitement it was his buddy Hans Berlin who happened to be hanging around and loves fucking... Read more
Daxton Ryker, Brian Bonds and Russ Magnus
Muscle on muscle on muscle, that’s what you get when Daxton Ryker, Brian Bonds and Russ Magnus get it on. Russ wanted to get his holes used desperately and dropped to his knees when beefy bodybuilder Daxton and muscle boy Brian whipped out their cocks and shoved them down... Read more
Ray Diesel and Trey Turner
Big black cock and PHAT black ass – it was bound to happen sooner or later. Ray Diesel sinks his monster black cock in Trey Turner’s mouth to get it all warmed up and ready for some serious ass fucking. Trey, being the big bottom that he is, couldn’t... Read more
Damon Andros and Alessio Romero
Not too often do I get the opportunity to pair up two hot hairy chested men but when I do, I take advantage of it. Alessio Romero’s hot sweaty hairy ass gets worked over by Damon Andros and his cut cock and he takes a serious pounding! But not... Read more