Gay Porn Stars
Cesar Rossi and Mars Rousseau
Cesar Rossi gets fucked by Mars Rousseau in this video by Pride Studios. Mars Rousseau is putting the weights back on the rack when Cesar Rossi walks in the room. He is exhausted and not wanting to workout. Sending this, Mars tries to loosen him up a little and... Read more
Cesar Rossi and Mason Lear
Cesar Rossi and Mason Lear flip fuck in this Pride Studios video. Mason Lear has come to the Doctor because he is having pain in his groin. When Dr. Cesar Rossi comes in to exam him and asks what caused the pain, he explains that it was an intense... Read more
Cesar Rossi and Rafael Cruz
Pride Studios presents Cesar Rossi and Rafael Cruz. Rafael Cruz is in his uniform in the workroom putting some laundry into the washing machine when Cesar Rossi walks in. They share a little small talk and then Rafael realizes that his uniform smells. He decides to throw it into... Read more
Cesar Rossi and Chandler Scott
Cesar Rossi and Chandler Scott have passionate, rough sex for Pride Studios. Cesar Rossi wants to go for a run because he has been training for a marathon. However, his lower back has been hurting him a lot lately and Chandler Scott offers to rub it to make him... Read more
Cesar Rossi and Adrian Suarez
Cesar Rossi and Adrian Suarez for Pride Studios. Cesar Rossi is just finishing up with is shower when he notices Adrian Suarez staring at him while he is drying off. After some small talk Adrian is down on his knees sucking Cesar’s cock. Once Adrian gets his fill of... Read more
Cesar Rossi and Scott DeMarco
Scott DeMarco fucks Cesar Rossi for Pride Studios. Cesar Rossi and Scott DeMarco have never fooled around in a back room play area before, but Scott’s friend Jack offered for him to use his play room. After a little awkwardness, they settle into the environment and start playing with... Read more
Cesar Rossi and Bentley Michaels
“The Moment Of Truth” – a gay porn movie by Pride Studios with sexy models Cesar Rossi and Bentley Michaels. Cesar and Bentley have been dating for a while, but Cesar has been afraid to the bottom for him because his dick is so big. Now is the moment... Read more
Seth Knight, Cesar Rossi and Cris Knight
Seth Knight, Cesar Rossi and Cris Knight in hot muscle men, gay porn threesome by Pride Studios. The scene opens with Cesar talking to the couple about what type of images they want to get of themselves. After agreeing on intimate/sensual portraits, Cesar starts shooting them. He then asks... Read more
Cesar Rossi and Julian Knowles
Cesar Rossi and Julian Knowles are in their bedroom chatting when Julian shows him the stuffed animal that he gave him back in 2014. They chat about how great their relationship is and Julian is being very sentimental which makes Cesar laugh and also turns him on. They embrace;... Read more
Lex Sabre and Cesar Rossi
Lex and Cesar are sitting in bed watching the news and Lex turns off the TV and exclaims he is tired of all the bad news and that they need to get out of the house and go to the beach or a bike ride.  Cesar wants to stay... Read more
Fernando Del Rio and Cesar Rossi
Cesar is hanging outside next to a trailer when he sees Fernando walking towards him at the Warehouse he owns. They lock eyes with each other and when Fernando approaches Cesar, they both start kissing immediately. Fernando then drops to his knees and pulls out Cesar’s cock and starts... Read more
Cesar Rossi and Sean Maygers
Cesar is hanging out in the pool at the gay resort when he notices Sean walking around the pool. Sean strikes up a conversation with him poolside as he sits on the edge of the pool and dips his feet into the water. As they are talking, Cesar cannot... Read more
Jessie Colter and Cesar Rossi
Cesar is admiring Jessie’s glutes in the locker room and asks him how he works out to get them. Jessie, not one to be shy, drops his pants to give Cesar a better view and tells Cesar he can touch. Cesar does just that and soon he has his... Read more
Devin Adams, Cesar Rossi and Maxx Monroe
Cesar & Devin are in the locker room discussing the Twink they saw in the gym and the fact that he obviously has a huge cock hanging between his legs from what they could see through his shorts. While chatting Maxx walks into the locker room and starts undressing... Read more
Cesar Rossi and Rico Romero
Cesar is very stressed out and Rico has sensed his tension in his shoulder. Rico starts massaging him on the bed and that massage soon turns much more sensual and sexual. Rico gets Cesar out of his clothes and begins sucking his thick uncut cock. Cesar then rims Rico’s... Read more
Max Sargent and Cesar Rossi
Max and Cesar are new boyfriends and while sitting in the bedroom, Max is asking Cesar if he is truly OK with the difference in their ages. Max is in his early 50’s and Cesar 30. Cesar assures him that the age is not an issue and tells Max... Read more
Scott Demarco and Cesar Rossi
Get a dose of hard medicine from the doctors, assistants and patients who are all hot for each other and go at it hard. Doctor Scott Demarco helps his patient Cesar Rossi by providing anal stimulation with his tongue and hard cock! Read more
Cesar Rossi, Hans Berlin and Chandler Scott
Hans enters the showers and proceeds to undress and start washing himself. Thinking he is alone he pops a boner as he washes his cock. Chandler & Cesar enter and see Hans with his back to them. They are both excited to see Hans because they have been cruising... Read more
Seth Santoro, Jay Alexander and Cesar Rossi
Cesar and Seth are at home in bed discussing their day when Seth tells Cesar he has a surprise for him and shows him a couple photos of Jay on his cell phone. Cesar is impressed with the size of Jay’s big cock and Seth tells him that since... Read more
Damian Taylor and Cesar Rossi
Damian Taylor and Cesar Rossi are quizzing each other for their mid-term nursing exam in the Doctor’s Office. They are discussing blood flow and the discussion moves to the blood flow in their penises. Soon they have their cocks out and they discover that you can hear your heart... Read more
Brendan Patrick, Cesar Rossi and Chandler Scott
Chandler and Cesar are getting ready to move and they are cleaning out their garage. They are arguing a bit about the amount of stuff that Chandler seems to not want to part ways with when their friend Brendan shows up to help them. Noticing the tension between the... Read more
Dustin Steele and Cesar Rossi
Description : Cesar is alone in the locker room, which is messy with dirty clothing strewn about. He starts smelling a jock-strap that is hanging on a locker and as he pulls it off to get a better smell he starts arousing himself through his shorts. He then discovers... Read more
Jace Chambers, Conner Mason and Cesar Rossi
Jace & Cesar have brought Conner back to their place for a 3-way. After some awkward small talk the 3 of them start kissing and the clothes start coming off. Conner drops to his knees and sucks both Jace and Cesar’s cocks as he discovers that Jace’s cock is... Read more
Cesar Rossi and Chase Klein
Cesar Rossi and Chase Klein in “Instant Attraction” – a gay porn reality by Pride Studios. In the final installment of INSTANT ATTRACTION, we see Chase walking into the Locker Room after his workout. He is sweaty and toweling himself off when Cesar walks in to get ready for... Read more
Cesar Rossi and Mario Cruz
Cesar and Mario are sitting on their couch and Mario is giving Cesar his birthday present before they go out to party with their friends. When Cesar opens the present, he discovers a photo book of Costa Rica. He tells Mario it is very nice and that he has... Read more
Toby Springs and Cesar Rossi
Toby is a maintenance worker/janitor, cleaning the floors of a locker room. He is wearing headphones while rocking out to one of his favorite songs. He can’t hear a thing as he moves around the locker room cleaning every inch. Cesar walks into the Locker Room, undresses and discovers... Read more