Gay Porn Stars
Julian Rodriguez and Chad Norman
Chad Norman was VERY scared when he heard that the scene would be over half an hour long. He thought that meant he was going to get his ass pounded by Julian Rodruigez for 40 minutes. Julian thought that was the funniest thing he’d ever heard. Once it’s established... Read more
Chad Norman and Russel West
Russel West is smiling SO big at the start of this scene, you can tell this is gonna be a fun. “SHIT,” he says, “Imma get fucked.” Then the laughing starts. It never really stops, both Russel and Chad Norman are having a great time in this scene. They... Read more
Dorian James and Chad Norman
It’s always hot seeing a guy get fucked for the first time. Dorian James and Chad Norman had already spent a couple days hanging out together in Phoenix so they were already becoming bros… we knew that would happen. They’re both pretty chill guys so we wanted to let... Read more