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Dante Pierce Solo 6

Dante Pierce Solo

Dante is a bi married guy. He is also one of the furriest guys that has been on ChaosMen. Dante has an adorable face,...
Calhoun and Vander 9

Calhoun and Vander

I just can't come up with enough superlatives for this video. It is definitely a dream match-up. In one corner, you have Vander, power...
Kodi and Rydell 8

Kodi and Rydell

Sorry to make you wait, but Rydell has a REALLY big cock and I had the find the right guy! Kodi was the first...
Barney Solo 4

Barney Solo

Barney is a cute young guy with very little body hair. Except for that big beautiful bush of pubic hair! His ass crack has...
Jacob Marteny and Phillip 9

Jacob Marteny and Phillip

Phillip is very versatile. He is a great Top and bottoming always makes him cum. I feel like Jacob is more of a Bottom,...
Roman and Timmy 8

Roman and Timmy

It's near the end of 2017 and I humbly submit this video for the best facial of the year! Lots of great cock sucking,...
Nikolaj Rapid Solo 8

Nikolaj Rapid Solo

Nikolaj is a straight guy with some gay experiences. He likes the Latin ladies, but on a couple occasions, he has messed around with...
Lorenzo and Zane 9

Lorenzo and Zane

Two of my best guys going at it with feral heat! Enjoy Lorenzo and Zane - sexy, hot and very horny young men. These...
Luka Jay and Sean Peyton 3

Luka Jay and Sean Peyton

I haven't had a very nervous straight guy with zero experience with guys in the studio lately. Luka seems to be down for testing...
Roman Glazer Solo 9

Roman Glazer Solo

Roman is 21 and definitely has a twink vibe about him. At 5'6" he has about a 7" cock. While most would say 7...
Antonio Cervone and Toby Jacobs 7

Antonio Cervone and Toby Jacobs

Antonio loves the Daddy types, so when Toby hit me up to do a video, I sprung into scheduling action. This is one of...
Phillip and Wren 9

Phillip and Wren

With Wren looking so super-hot these days, I have been trying to get him in more often. He is all grown-up and has a...
Price Solo 6

Price Solo

Price is a lifeguard during the Summer, and he sure has the tan lines to show it. He says that on more than one...
Calhoun and Sean Peyton 7

Calhoun and Sean Peyton

Calhoun was eager to swap head with another dude. I think he mentioned it is really the one thing he likes when he occasionally...
Caspar and Cayden 9

Caspar and Cayden

Pairing Caspar with guys who match his mass and height has been interesting. At 6'5" he towers over most of the team. When Cayden...
Phillip and Timmy 8

Phillip and Timmy

Timmy wanted to do a massage table video. They are his favorite to watch, but I think he was hoping to be the one...
Lorenzo and Wiley 8

Lorenzo and Wiley

Both Lorenzo and Wiley were super eager to get this video started. It was hard keeping them apart before we got in the room....
Calhoun Solo 14

Calhoun Solo

Calhoun has a Southern drawl, country boy charm, and big 'ole cock. It goes from 9-10 inches when fully hard, and he loves having...
Nicholas Duff and Zane 10

Nicholas Duff and Zane

Zane identifies as gay, and is normally a Top. He wanted to get back to video work and I told him I had a...
Brent Taylor Solo 8

Brent Taylor Solo

Brent Taylor makes a return visit to Badpuppy doing a solo video for us. Brent is 28 years old, a personal trainer and loves...

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