Gay Porn Stars
Brady Corbin and Collin Simpson
This scene starts out very intimate… Brady Corbin and Collin Simpson are already kissing and touching and whispering into each other’s ears. “I want you to fuck me hard today,” Collin whispers. The two guys spend some time rubbing each other’s bodies and comparing abs and muscles. “I never... Read more
Derek Jones and Sean Costin VR Gay Porn
On GayHoopla this week, we have a special video for all download membership members. They will get a fantastic VR Experience scene with Derek Jones and Sean Costin. You can watch the video by dragging your video screen to move with the video or by putting on your VR... Read more
Buck Carter and Jonas Drift
This week Gay Hoopla presents a video inspired by the older & younger theme. Muscle daddy Buck Carter flip flop fucks twink guy Jonas Drift. All the reactions about that scene are very positive so we believe, you’ll like it too. Enjoy Buck and Jonas for GayHoopla. Read more
Price Hogan and James Manziel
This is Price’s first hardcore shoot. He’s never had a blowjob from a guy… never kissed a guy and he’s “feeling… new.” He admits that he’s nervous. But you can tell that James Manziel is gonna take it easy on him for his first time. Price says he likes... Read more
Michael Santos and Bradley Whitman
It’s time for our daily dose of sexy, beefy guys. In this video young, horny bottom Michael Santos takes Bradley Whitman’s big dick up his ass. The scene begins with Michael sucking Bradley’s fat cock. Bradley return the favor by blowing Michael’s nice cock. Bradley then shoves his large... Read more
Paul Tiller and Lucas Garza
He told us that he once let a “sugar daddy” suck him off for money and how he got off on the power trip of having an “old guy suck my young dick” and he went “savage.” Derek gets him to fake fuck a rolled up quilt which… Paul... Read more
Roman Tate and Jonas Drift
After just a bit of kissing, Roman pulls off Jonas’ pants and a big hard dick pops out in his face. Jonas doesn’t take any time to start telling him how he likes his dick sucked. Jonas has a smooth, ripped body but we get a bit of a... Read more
Julian Rodriguez and Chad Norman
Chad Norman was VERY scared when he heard that the scene would be over half an hour long. He thought that meant he was going to get his ass pounded by Julian Rodruigez for 40 minutes. Julian thought that was the funniest thing he’d ever heard. Once it’s established... Read more
Roman Tate and Bradley Whitman
This was Roman Tate’s first scene on camera. He’s “a little nervous” but he’s been with a guy before and he’s into Bradley Whitman. “He’s handsome.” Then we ask “what’s he biggest dick you’ve ever been with?” And Roman thinks about it and says “Maybe 8 inches?” He says... Read more
Buck Carter and Derek Jones
Fun story before we get going. Being a porn producer means that it’s never okay to have sex with the talent. So while a healthy young stud like Derek Jones has needs… we told him “if you get tempted… just talk them into doing it on camera and that’s... Read more
Myles Brownlee Solo
The guys from Gay Hoopla have a special solo update today. Sexy gay porn model Myles Brownlee jerks his gigantic dick for the very first time in front of the camera. Myles is pretty sweet and very cool, so you’ll like his video very much. Read more
Sean Costin and Nick Harper
We didn’t chat at the start of this… the boys just wanted to jump right into the action (and were actually going before I even got the camera turned on) so we just went with it. It won’t matter. This is a really hot scene that you’re going to... Read more
Bradley Whitman and Trevor Brown
A couple weeks ago, Bradley Whitman had his first time topping, bottoming, kissig a guy… all on camera. This week, Trevor Brown does his first-ever scene on camera, but it’s NOT his first time with a guy. He’s told us before he likes to bottom. The two young men... Read more
Roman Tate Solo
Rough and Ripped Roman Tate starts out his day doing a bit of a pump. He’s 25, a personal trainer and weighs in at 175. He says that he likes girls but tells us that one time he let his girlfriend fuck him with a strap-on. So… we know... Read more
Buck Carter and Julian Rodriguez
Here it is, that moment you’ve been waiting for. A couple weeks ago we got to see Julian Rodriguez bottom for the first time AND we got introduced to Buck Carter in his debut solo. People wanted to see more of both… so here we are. This is Buck’s... Read more
Trevor Brown Jerks Off
The world of GayHoopla is put on full display here. While Bradley Whitman and Derek Jones await the arrival of Trevor Brown on set, they look at the HUGE array of Butt Plugs by the dish washer and discuss which is their favorite. (For the record, Bradley likes to... Read more
Chad Norman and Russel West
Russel West is smiling SO big at the start of this scene, you can tell this is gonna be a fun. “SHIT,” he says, “Imma get fucked.” Then the laughing starts. It never really stops, both Russel and Chad Norman are having a great time in this scene. They... Read more
Introducing Bradley Whitman
Bradley Whitman is in the car on the way to shoot his first solo, just a bit nervous but already talking about how the first time he tried to have sex “we wanted to fuck” but “we couldn’t get it in.” That’s the first indication of just how big... Read more
Dorian James and Chad Norman
It’s always hot seeing a guy get fucked for the first time. Dorian James and Chad Norman had already spent a couple days hanging out together in Phoenix so they were already becoming bros… we knew that would happen. They’re both pretty chill guys so we wanted to let... Read more
Julian Rodriguez and Adrian Monroe
Julian Rodriguez is back but this time, with a cock in his mouth. Julian wanted to slowly cross different things off his wish list as he became more sexual experienced. We paired him up with Adrian Monroe who’ve just an angel in our eyes. Adrian spread that asshole wide... Read more
Chris Fields Solo
Chris Fields is a muscle stud who has a passion for bodybuilding. Super shy at first, but once you get him to open up, he’s a chatty patty. Chris was kind of the nerdy type who got teased growing up which inspired him to kill the weight room. Now... Read more
Russel West and Collin Simpson
Ebony stud Russel West is mainly top in sex… well, mainly. In this video he decides to have a cock in his ass for the very first time. Watch Russel’s first-time gay sex bottoming for Collin Simpson. Read more
Nick Harper and James Manziel
Muscle studs Nick Harper and James Manziel exchange blowjobs. These two mega sexy guys sucks each other’s cocks and then fuck. Nick likes rougher sex and James doesn’t mind to get his ass hard plowed. Nick fucks James so hard that he cums as Nick is still pounding him. Read more