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Nob Hill – Episode 4: Adam Killian, Jessie Colter and Max Duro
A live sex show at Nob Hill starring Adam Killian, Jessie Colter and Max Duro and each of them get DP’d by the others. Nob Hill co-owner Adam Killian may be selling his legendary theatre but he’s far from retiring from sex. In fact, now that he’s been given... Read more
Boomer Banks and Jessie Colter
Boomer Banks slides his bareback cock deep in Jessie Colter. At last Boomer Banks gets with long time pal Jessie Colter for a Cocky Boys Fans Only scene..with some POV action! As an excited Jessie says when he strips and his hard cock pops out, “I’ve been ready for... Read more
Jessie Colter and Dylan James
Jessie Colter takes some dildos Dylan James’ raw cock up his ass. Jessie Colter is a Lucas Entertainment veteran within the Gentlemen series, and he now returns to one of his favorite film lines. The handsome American jock has beefed up since he last appeared on the site; he... Read more
Jessie Colter and Cesar Rossi
Cesar is admiring Jessie’s glutes in the locker room and asks him how he works out to get them. Jessie, not one to be shy, drops his pants to give Cesar a better view and tells Cesar he can touch. Cesar does just that and soon he has his... Read more
Jessie Colter and Sean Duran
Sean and Jessie have wanted to fuck for many years, but never had the opportunity. Sean brings Jessie to his playroom and the two waste no time getting into some heavy play with each other. Sean immediately goes for Jessie’s ass and starts rimming him. Jessie then sucks Sean... Read more
Jessie Colter and Jace Chambers
Jessie is in need of Jace’s big cock and as he strokes it through his underwear we see the wet spot of pre-cum grow. Jessie cannot wait any longer and starts sucking Jace’s cock and he takes it all down his throat. They share a 69 with each other... Read more
Ty Dylan and Jessie Colter
So it turns out the gas wasn’t on. Now that we got the grill going, where’s the beef? Jessie Colter went inside to fetch it a while ago; what’s taking him so long? I should go and see if he needs help. I ended up finding him in the... Read more
Peter Fever and Jessie Colter
I hate photographers! They’re always bailing on me. I just can’t believe that my plans fell through. I wanted to have new photos for my website to show off to my fans and now it’s not going to happen! Luckily Jessie Colter was there to save the day. He’s... Read more
Jessie Colter and Billy Santoro
Jessie Colter finds God and tries to go straight but hot, muscular Billy Santoro has other ideas. Read more
Nick Capra and Jessie Colter
Jessie Colter is drinking at a bar when he recognizes Nick Capra as the guy he’s agreed to meet up with online. Nick is nervous upon their meeting because Jessie is a well-known porn actor, but he reassures Nick that he actually has a hard time dating because of... Read more