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Osiris Blade and Aston Springs For Pride Studios
Big dick muscle stud Osiris Blade fucks Aston Springs with his giant cock. Aston Springs is coming out of the building as night is falling carrying out the garbage to the dumpster. Inside the warehouse Osiris Blade is in the bathroom stroking his big cock. Outside after Aston throws... Read more
Osiris Blade Barebacks Chandler Scott
In this video by Pride Studios, Osiris Blade’s massive chocolate stick penetrates Chandler Scott’s raw hole. Osiris Blade and Chandler Scott are in the locker room when Osiris discovers he forgot to bring his towel with him to take a shower. He asks Chandler if he has one he... Read more
Jorden Michaels and Osiris Blade
In this gay porn bareback video by Pride Studios, Jorden Michaels gets fucked by Osiris Blade. The scene opens with Jorden Michaels in bed writing in his Sex Diary…’Dear Diary….etc.etc…. Fade out and into him and Osiris Blade in bed together naked and making out with each other. Jorden... Read more
Dustin Steele and Osiris Blade
Dustin Steele and Osiris Blade take turns bareback fucking one another for Raw Fuck Club. These two versatile guys have extra big dicks and extra deep cum holes. First to get fucked is Dustin Steele. He sucks Osiris off before getting rimmed and raw fucked by Blade. After Osiris... Read more
Osiris Blade and Alex Chu
Osiris Blade and Alex Chu in Peter Fever’s Black Panda – Episode 10. After a long and contentious pursuit, King T’Balla finally sits down with the Panda King to negotiate the final terms of their peckeranium exchange. T’Balla must learn to harness the power responsibly by fucking the Panda... Read more
Osiris Blade Jerks Off
Osiris Blade in a hot solo for BadPuppy. Osiris Blade was visiting Manchester from Florida for Rubber Weekend and while there he paid a visit to the studios. Osiris is a very well-spoken young man, currently in school to become a physiologist and in his part-time he enjoys shooting... Read more
Osiris Blade and Ken Ott
Osiris Blade and Ken Ott in episode 8 of Peter Fever’s Black Panda, The Ceremony! King T’Balla (Osiris Blade) is ready for the Ancient Panda Ceremony to unleash the power of the Peckeranium. Ken Ott will perform the ritual to immerse King T’Balla in the magic jizz and find... Read more
Levy Foxx and Osiris Blade
Levy Foxx and Osiris Blade in this week’s episode of “Black Panda” by Peter Fever. Levy Foxx is curious about King T’Balla’s intentions and pays a visit to the King’s private quarters. Levy needs to find out if the King is sincere with his offer of a trade for... Read more
The Black Panda – Movie Trailer
Levy Foxx, Ken Ott, Osiris Blade, Alex Chu, Sean Duran and Bryce Evans in The The Black Panda series by Peter Fever. The trailer starts with the Black Panther/King of Rakanda (Osiris Blade) going to Wakamono, Japan, in search of the City of Youth and a rare substance called... Read more
Osiris Blade, Alex Chu, Levy Foxx and Ken Ott
In the first episode of our epic new gay porn parody, T’Balla aka The Black Panther (played by Osiris Blade) arrives in Wakamono, Japan with his wife in search of Peckeranium, which is magical cum that extends life and gives extreme super powers. There, he finds the Black Panda,... Read more