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Scott DeMarco and Adrian Suarez
Scott DeMarco fucks Adrian Suarez for Pride Studios. Adrian Suarez and Scott DeMarco are sitting in bed and Scott is asking to be taught phrases in Spanish such as ‘Cock’ ‘Suck My Dick’ ‘I Want Your Cum’ etc. Adrian is amused and obliges him before they both start making... Read more
Alexander Garrett, Hans Berlin and Scott DeMarco
Alexander Garrett, Hans Berlin and Scott DeMarco in a great gay porn threesome by Pride Studios. All three guys are sitting in the locker room and Hans Berlin is asking them how they met and if they are a couple. When he hears an accent coming from Alexander Garrett,... Read more
Scott Demarco and Valentino Nappy
A new College Dude hot alert – sexy newcomer Valentino Nappy gets fucked by gay porn super star Scott Demarco. Scott Demarco can’t keep his hands off Valentino Nappy’s sweet ass, running his hands across it as they kiss and undress. Scott grabs at his own dick through his... Read more
Cesar Rossi and Scott DeMarco
Scott DeMarco fucks Cesar Rossi for Pride Studios. Cesar Rossi and Scott DeMarco have never fooled around in a back room play area before, but Scott’s friend Jack offered for him to use his play room. After a little awkwardness, they settle into the environment and start playing with... Read more
Guy Lima and Scott Demarco
Guy Lima and Scott Demarco for College Dudes. Guy Lima can’t keep his hands off Scott Demarco’s sexy body, running his fingers across Scott’s chest and down to his pants, teasing that cock before they strip down. Scott drops to his knees to suck on Guy’s sweet dick and... Read more
Scott Demarco and Ian Greene
Two sexy studs in this College Dudes video. International gay porn stars Scott Demarco and Ian Greene get acquainted with some kisses, making out until Ian drops to his knees to taste a different part of Scott. Wrapping his lips around Scott’s cock, Ian sucks him to a full... Read more
Scott DeMarco and Jack Andy
Jack and Scott have been dating for three months and as they sit in bed discussing how much they enjoy each other, Scott asks if Jack is satisfied and if he is ok with being the bottom all the time. Jack assures him he is fine and they begin... Read more
Alexander Garrett, Armond Rizzo and Scott DeMarco
Armond is sitting in his bed texting back and forth with a Big Dicked Couple. After exchanging photos of them, Armond invites them over. Once inside, Armond wastes no time getting on his knees and sucking both of their huge cocks. After a while, they move to the bed... Read more
Sean Duran and Scott DeMarco
Everyone loves a big cock and Scott DeMarco is no different. We already know Sean Duran likes a well endowed man but he’s in the mood to fuck. And since no one does it better than a hung tattooed muscle hunk who can give as well as he can... Read more
Scott DeMarco and Aiden Hart
Scott & Aiden are sitting in bed discussing their future vacation to Italy. Aiden asks Scott if he has been saving his money as he said he would and Scott admits that he might have to borrow some from him. Annoyed, Aiden tells Scott he needs to stop spending... Read more
Bjorn Manning, Scott DeMarco and Adam Keller
Oh boy do we have a insanely hot update for you today – threesome are always hot. Threesomes with hot guys even better. Threesomes where Bjorn gets two big dicks deep in his ass – well it’s Christmas all over again. New cummer Adam Keller landed in a threesome... Read more
Scott Demarco and Miller Axton
With new stud Miller Axton primed and ready to show his stroke, Scott Demarco finds himself in a familiar position- bent over with a nice hard cock plunged deep into his hole. Miller certainly has the goods to do the job, and he proves he’s got the moves to... Read more
Scott Demarco and Aaron Perez
Scott Demarco and Aaron Perez are two horny studs looking to get balls deep in some tight ass, and as soon as they start kissing, those cocks get big and hard. Aaron reaches down Scott’s pants to feel that dick and then drops to his knees to taste it,... Read more
Scott DeMarco Sexy Solo
Scott is a young stud with a tight lean body, but with the cock that is almost too big for his body. His cock is huge. Watch him wrap his hands around it and stroke. You can see this boy is proud of his cock made for a man... Read more
Phoenix Fellington and Scott DeMarco
Interracial love at its best. Scott DeMarco and Phoenix Fellington are both versatile lovers with big beautiful cocks to match. They kiss, suck and lick each other so passionately it almost feels like your right there with them. Scott gets his turn first and can barely get phoenix’s 9... Read more
Justin Case, Sean Duran, Scott DeMarco, Jack Andy and Jace Chambers
Big dicked fucker Scott DeMarco pimps out his fuck-buddy Jack Andy for a night of hot raw fucking, DPing, and breeding action. Enjoy these two hotties and their buddies Justin Case, Sean Duran, and Jace Chambers. Read more
Scott Demarco and Cesar Rossi
Get a dose of hard medicine from the doctors, assistants and patients who are all hot for each other and go at it hard. Doctor Scott Demarco helps his patient Cesar Rossi by providing anal stimulation with his tongue and hard cock! Read more
Brogan Reed and Scott DeMarco
Brogan and Scott are taking a walk at Hippie Hollow near Austin. Being close to nature they have discarded their clothes and walk naked through the trees beside a picturesque lake. They stop to kiss but want so much more. Back at their hotel they trade blow jobs and... Read more
Scott DeMarco and Dylan James
The ultra-gorgeous Scott DeMarco usually tops the guys he fucks, but he’s been craving The D ever since he saw what Dylan James has between his legs. After Dylan and Scott talk for their “Bareback Auditions” interview, the two meet up again at night to fuck beside the pool.... Read more
Devin Franco, Rico Marlon and Scott DeMarco
What’s better than one rock-hard cock ready to fuck? It’s two rock-hard cocks ready to fuck, and all you need to do is as Devin Franco — he has the privilege of servicing both Rico Marlon and Lucas Entertainment first-timer Scott DeMarco at one. They both double-team Devin, and... Read more
Scott DeMarco and Tanner Wade
Tanner Wade is a bisexual beast with a passion for martial arts and Eva Longoria. He’s dominate in the boudoir which makes for an interesting match up with one of our favorite tops Scott DeMarco. These two big dicked boys suck each other’s cocks as anticipation builds as to... Read more
Scott DeMarco, Rico Marlon, Ruslan Angelo, Daniel Azcona and Sebastian Oliver
All of the guests are away sight-seeing for the day, and the hotel’s bartenders and waiters decide it’s the perfect time to unleash some of their collective sexual tension. Scott DeMarco and Rico Marlon are the two tops in charge of the scenario. Bottoms Ruslan Angelo, Daniel Azcona, and... Read more
Dylan Black and Scott DeMarco
This week we introduce a brand new porn model Dylan Black. He’s a PI – perhaps it’s some kind of a voyeuristic bent that he has that attracted him to that job and also appearing in this scene with the wonderful Scott DeMarco. Scott tickles Dylan’s hole with his... Read more
Scott Demarco and Tobias
Scott Demarco eyes new team member Tobias getting in a workout after practice one day, and tells the rookie that the rest of the team is really impressed with his play and his attitude, but Scott senses there’s something else that needs tobe addressed. Scott tells him that he... Read more
Maxx Simms and Scott DeMarco
Maxx Simms is a lucky guy – for his first time on camera he’s with the ever sexy Scott DeMarco. The two bearded hotties embrace and kiss. Maxx is soon on his knees worshiping Scott’s mighty thick cock. The cock is soon fucking his ass bare – Maxx has... Read more
Bryan Cole and Scott DeMarco
Bryan and Scott are back home from their workout at the gym and Scott is impressed with how much time and effort Bryan is putting into getting himself in better shape now that he is in his 30’s than when he was in his 20’s. Bryan flexes for him... Read more
Colby Jansen and Scott DeMarco
Colby Jansen and Scott DeMarco start kissing, brushing their hairy faces against each other. As Colby leans back against the pool table, Scott goes to work. His sucking action leaves Colby moaning and begging for more. Spanking Colby’s glorious bubble butt, Scott then reaches between Colby’s legs and stokes... Read more
Scott Demarco and Draven Navarro
Senator Navarro has been fucking over his constituents for some time, but today his penchant for dirty secret dealings have put him in a compromising position, and the Senator will finally get his comeuppance. Tied to a chair and expecting his twink intern, he instead encounters Scott Demarco, who... Read more
Braxton Ryan and Scott DeMarco
Braxton Ryan is the latest Jason Sparks gay porn discovery and this sexy man loves to have his shirt off and his sexy hairy bod makes us happy that he does. The big deal with this gay porn update is that the lovely Scott DeMarco is bottoming for the... Read more
Cameron Kincade and Scott DeMarco
Another great gay porn reality by Pride Studios today – “The Big Moment” with Cameron Kincade and Scott DeMarco. Scott has brought Cameron back to his bedroom after their initial meeting and it is obvious that Cameron is a little nervous. He tells Scott that he’s a little scared... Read more