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Joss and Teo 2

Joss and Teo

Joss was not nervous about doing this video, and boy is he intent on watching Teo stroke his cock! Perhaps this is something he...
Santino and Teo 2

Santino and Teo

After Teo broke his leg earlier in the year, I figured he would be down and out for the rest of the year. He...
Kendrick and Teo 1

Kendrick and Teo

Kendrick dove into this video, eager to suck some dick, and his energy surprised me. Recently, I have had guys who were on the...
Mika and Teo 2

Mika and Teo

I was a little surprised when Mika said he would come back and do a Serviced video. He seemed curious, but not too curious....

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