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JapanBoyz: Kazuki & Tomohisa 1

JapanBoyz: Kazuki & Tomohisa

In this new scene by JapanBoyz, Kazuki gets his hole serviced by Asian gay porn icon Tomohisa. Watch Tomohisa fucks the jizz out of...
JapanBoyz: Fuji and Tomohisa 1

JapanBoyz: Fuji and Tomohisa

Fuji and Tomohisa enjoy each other's bodies in this episode of JapanBoyz. Watch their hot session including blowjobs, rimming, and fucking. Japanboyz top choices...
Japan Boyz: Yusako and Tomohisa 1

Japan Boyz: Yusako and Tomohisa

Japan Boyz star Tomohisa gets fucked in the ass by newcomer Yusako. New boy around Japanboyz, Yusaku, is moving fast. Now it's his turn to...
Japan Boyz: Hideaki and Tomohisa 5

Japan Boyz: Hideaki and Tomohisa

Hideaki and Tomohisa have kinky sex in this Japan Boyz clip. Apparently Hideaki usually bottoms with his buddy. Today for Tomohisa, he will top;...

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