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Noah and Tristan 5

Noah and Tristan

Young Bastards presents Noah and Tristan. When Tristan needs to shoot off a load he doesn't ask for permission. The sight of sexy young Noah...
Ashton, Riley and Tristan - Part 2 7

Ashton, Riley and Tristan – Part 2

This week the hot bareback threesome in Tyler's room is even hotter! Ashton, Riley and Tristan return for more raw fun. Riley and Tristan...
Ricardo and Tristan 7

Ricardo and Tristan

Tristan is back with his cute blonde buddy Ricardo. After a nice relaxing massage, the dudes exchange excellent blowjobs. Well sucked and with rock...
Ashton, Riley and Tristan 5

Ashton, Riley and Tristan

We look in on a barebacking threesome featuring skinny and smooth twinks Ashton, Riley and Tristan. Two of the boys wake their sleeping friend...
Tristan Solo 1

Tristan Solo

What a breath of fresh air! This is Tristan, the blonde haired, blue eyed California surf bum. He has that delightful sun-burnt...

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