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Tanner Valentino and Ronan Kennedy

Even though the scene between Tanner Valentino and Ronan Kennedy is a condom scene, these guys are still hot as fuck and ready to get it on. They spend some time making out, kissing each other until Ronan reaches for Tannerโ€™s cock and frees it from his boxers, handling that huge dick and then letting Tanner unleash Ronanโ€™s prick next before they get into some oral. They suck each otherโ€™s massive cocks, making those dicks grow even bigger as they struggle to fit them down their throat.

And when the guys have had enough cock-sucking Ronan bends Tanner over the bed and slowly slides his cock into Tannerโ€™s ass, fucking him nice and slow so that Tanner can appreciate every inch of that giant prick inside him. Tanner flips over and spreads his legs, letting Ronan dominate his ass while he pulls on that big dick, but then they flip and Ronan climbs on top of Tanner and gets his ass stretched. Tanner goes hard until he pounds the cum out of Ronan and then pulls out and jerks his own dick until he busts a huge nut!

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