GayCest: Austin L Young, Legrand Wolf & Tim Armstrong – Part 3

GayCest: Austin L Young, Legrand Wolf & Tim Armstrong - Part 3 1
The Big C Men

This week on GayCest.Com, Doctor Legrand Wolf is happy to fuck tow of his favorite patients – Austin L Young and Tim Armstrong. Austin and his stepfather Tim are expected for a physical, driving them to go to their inviting neighborhood specialist, Dr. Wolf. With the week being somewhat insane, Dr. Wolf proposes they spare some time by sharing an arrangement. All things considered, the more seasoned man and his boy aren’t actually modest about their bare bodies…

GayCest: Austin L Young, Legrand Wolf & Tim Armstrong - Part 3

The more seasoned man has never had a physical with his boy in the room, stripping down and experiencing the paces that his believed specialist directs for him. He looks as Austin L Young looks on with interest, apparently getting harder each time his cock and hole are played with. Dr. Legrand Wolf sees this too, charmed the little youngster would take such enthusiasm for his dad’s ass. Things being what they are, Austin’s developing and getting progressively inquisitive about his body. What it can take, yet what it can give also!

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Dr. Wolf and Mr.Tim Armstrong are agreeably amazed, knowing very well indeed that Austin has had a great deal of fun bottoming, taking both of their cocks and loads over and over. Naturally, the little fellow doesn’t know numerous individuals who he could have intercourse with the outside of his dad and specialist, provoking him to go to them for alternatives. Mr. Armstrong is glad to enable his little fellow to get familiar with the opposite side of the boys and the honey bees… How fortunate for Austin that he has two men so ready to tell him the best way to fuck!

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