Peter Fever – Top Cops 2: Don & Bobby

Peter Fever - Top Cops 2: Don & Bobby 1
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This week on Peter Fever, Asian studs Don and Bobby get together in a smoking hot fuck session. Watch them servicing each other. Where’s a provocative Asian cop when you need one? Not far, it appears. Wear is home stroking his cock when Bobby the cop rushes in about a clamor grievance. “You’re in a tough situation, however, I realize how to fix this!” the Top Cop shouts, pushing Don to the bed as he unsnaps the fly of his police uniform. The cop is large and assembled, and his cock is 100% erect and solid as he pulls Don up to attendant on the massive apparatus.

Peter Fever - Top Cops 2: Don & Bobby

He detaches his dark shirt and gives us a glance at his ideal muscles as Don cheerfully gulps down eight creeps of police woody. Bobby gets the youthful hot base by the hair and fucks into the succulent throat, at that point pushes him down face first and pulls off his sweats to get at the ravenous ass underneath. Bobby spreads Don’s cheeks and covers his face in. They turn and 69, with Don sucking the cop’s delicious handle while getting his ass eaten and spit on. The attractive Asian stud cop moves on a condom and siphons Don’s ass full, hips smacking against the youngster’s round full butt with each stroke.

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They merge their bodies together in a quick doggy position as Bobby fires a gob of spit into Don’s open mouth. At long last turning him over to his back, Bobby the top cop pummels in hard and puts it all on the line. Pulling out at the absolute a second ago, he prepares a cluster of velvety sperm and coatings Don’s face from cheeks to the jaw, scratching some up for the hot stud to lick up. Fulfilled Don drains out his very own succulent burden. Commotion grievance? Dealt with, and time for Bobby to proceed onward to the following call.

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