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Tristan Brazer & Johnny B – Familycreep

This week on Fanilycreep by Pride Studios, Tristan Brazer and Johnny B have a lot of fun. The older, inked man fucks raw Johnny’s sweet ass. Home from college and left without much to do, Johnny B takes his new step-dad up on his offer to do some training at his gym.

Tristan Brazer & Johnny B - Familycreep

As a trainer, Tristan Brazer spends most of his time molding men into what they want to become, but if he’s gonna make a man out of Johnny, it’s not gonna be with the punching bag. Instead, Tristan has some more ‘hands on’ techniques in mind, but if Johnny is going to benefit from it, he’s going to have to promise that what happens at the gym, stays at the gym. That’s music to Johnny’s ears… who knew hanging with the step-dad could be so much fun?

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