Kinkmen: Rocky Maximo & Shae Reynolds

Kinkmen: Rocky Maximo & Shae Reynolds 1
The Big C Men

Latex Master Rocky Maximo turns Shae Reynolds into his private bitch. Rocky tortures Shae by face fucking, spanking, pissing, and bareback pumping. Shae Reynolds answers an add, written by Rocky Maximo. Rocky, aka Mr. Black is looking for a sub to cater to his every whim. Shae shows up, gets undressed, and gets on his knees. Mr. Black ties his hands behind his back and puts a black latex hood over his head that has built into it, big red lips.

Kinkmen: Rocky Maximo & Shae Reynolds

Hung Young Brit

Mr. Black canes his chest and then parts those big red lips. He crams his fat cock into Shae’s mouth and fucks his face. After that, Shae gets hot wax dripped all over his chest and legs. Mr. Black spreads Shae’s legs and makes a machine fuck his ass with a big black dildo. He turns over and Mr. Black shoves his hard cock deep inside Shae’s ass and fucks him raw.

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