The Big C Men: Big C Bred By Roxas Caelum

The Big C Men: Big C Bred By Roxas Caelum 1
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Great news from The Big C Men! Big C finally decides to bottom. And his choice is the biggest choice – Roxas Caelum’s enormous dick. Here’s what Big C shared: Ya’all been waiting for me to BOTTOM OUT for a while, and here it is!!! This CRAZY HOT 2 Part Video features yours truly showing off some pretty incredible bottoming skills. Roxas clearly has one of the biggest dicks in the Industry right now, and I’ve been eyeing his tool for a while.

The Big C Men: Big C Bred By Roxas Caelum

Hung Young Brit

After chatting with him, I saw he was a super sweet, kind dude– So naturally I wanted him to plow me. After some oral, he opens me up good and has me taking dick hard within minutes. Jared approaches with a camera, but soon ends up joining the fun. After bottoming for them both and edging, we blow loads and jump in the jacuzzi. We grabbed some awesome angles and I gave it my best editing job, make sure to join to Enjoy this masterpiece!

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