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The Colonary Academy: Dominic Pacifico & Josh Mikael

Dominic Pacifico & Josh Mikael star in the second part of The Colonary Academy by Fisting Inferno, where Dominic barebacks and fists Josh. Stuffing raw poultry with chef Dominic Pacifico is putting some dirty thoughts into his assistant Josh Mikael’s mind! After filling up a gaping bird for a cooking demonstration, Josh exposes his furry ass to the chef in hopes that he is in the mood to stuff something else. After complimenting Josh’s big hungry hole, Dominic uses his fingers and hard cock to fill him up. Dominic barebacks Josh’s soon-to-be gaping ass as Josh begs the chef to give him more.

The Colonary Academy: Dominic Pacifico & Josh Mikael

When rawing him simply isn’t enough, Dominic finally satisfies his horny assistant by stuffing his entire hand into his eager hole. Wearing only a cock ring and leather boots, Josh climbs onto the counter to ride Dominic’s clenched fist. Dominic holds his arm steady as a grateful, gaping Josh bobs up and down on his thick forearm. For only a moment, the chef removes his hand from Josh’s ass to admire the man’s wrecked hole. Dominic shoves his fist back inside of Josh to continue the anal destruction before the hairy assistant shoots a load of sticky cum out of his cock. The pleased chef exclaims that he finally has enough gravy for his stuffing.

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