RawHole: Alex Ronald & Rico Marlon

RawHole: Alex Ronald & Rico Marlon 1
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

It’s time for two Brazilian super studs. Extra sexy, muscular Alex Ronald and Rico Marlon get together in this smoking hot RawHole video. These hot Brazilian rawfuckers are fresh from the shower, but they’re NOT squeaky clean once they ditch the towels and get busy. Alex Ronald and Rico Marlon are red-hot, dirty-minded Latinos with raw sex on their minds. Lean muscled and perfectly defined Alex sees bronzed muscleboy Rico’s XXXtra thick cock swelling up to its full size and drops to his knees to get it all down his cockhungry throat.

RawHole: Alex Ronald & Rico Marlon

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He worships the meaty monster with his talented tongue, then opens wide and starts beating his dick. Rico’s low groan lets us know how much he needs sex, and when his hand wanders to the crack of Alex’s muscle booty we know exactly where this is headed. Rico sucks and licks Alex’s hole, lubes it up with a coat of spit and is ready to plow in. Alex backs his butt into Rico’s face–he wants the tough top’s massive cock in him BAD.

RawHole: Alex Ronald & Rico Marlon 2

Rico grabs Alex’s shoulders and thrusts in from behind. Both raw fuckers bump their gonads into each other with a fury. Rico knits his hands behind his head and lets his pelvis do the work, thrusting in to the fuzzy root. Alex grabs the edge of the mattress and lies down with his ass in perfect fuck position. He submits totally to the big cock splitting him open. He climbs on and starts bouncing on that sweet fuck tool as Rico holds onto his meaty buttcheeks. Neither can hold back a minute longer. Alex’s sticky sperm wad comes shooting out as Rico slams in balls deep, drizzling down onto his nuts. Then Rico pulls out just in time to splatter Alex’s butt with a huge creamy load.

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