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Raw Hole: Lucca Santanna & Victor Mancini

The hottest men do it for Raw Hole as usual. This week super hot Brazilians Lucca Santanna & Victor Mancini meet in a sexy bareback session. Lucca is a natural showoff, arms and torso covered in bright-colored tattoos, and sporting a fashion-forward flashy beard and haircut. Victor is a solid “guy’s guy” that is quietly powerful in and out of the sack. But this combo of similar and opposite definitely strikes a spark between these Brazilian studs.

Raw Hole: Lucca Santanna & Victor ManciniRaw Hole: Lucca Santanna & Victor Mancini 3

They start out in tight little briefs, but as they make out the undies drop out of sight. Victor’s lean, defined abs ripple as he feeds his uncut dick to cock-starved Lucca. Lucca gets onto hands and knees and perks up his booty for a deep rim job. With a friendly smack on the ass, Victor signals it’s time to take this to the next level. Kneeling behind, Victor slides his raw cock into Lucca’s bouncing booty. Seductive pillow talk streams out of Lucca’s mouth, till at one point Victor reaches around with one hand over his mouth to quiet this screw down.

Raw Hole: Lucca Santanna & Victor Mancini 1

Lucca gets the message and sticks to groans. Victor speeds up his balls deep penetration, grabbing his buddy’s hips and drilling in to the pubes. He rolls Lucca on his back and plows in while the hot bottom jacks his woody in perfect sync. A couple pillows hike up Lucca’s hole so Victor can slam his full weight down into the hungry butt. Lucca is getting too close to hold back. His load cums geysering out of his big cock. Victor jacks his sperm into Lucca’s mouth, and both Brazil studs are spent and satisfied.

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