Tommy Gold Jerks Off for BadPuppy

Tommy Gold Jerks Off for BadPuppy 1
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Tommy Gold returns to Badpuppy, with another amazing solo session. Watch this Russian stallion jerking off and rubbing his rock-hard cock. He strips off his t-shirt revealing just how chiseled a physique this young stud has. He starts massaging the growing bulge in his shorts, as he unbuttons and unzips them for better access. He continues to explore his torso and chest, while tweaking his hardening nipples.

He slips his shorts off, exposing the clingy jock strap he’s wearing; and from the looks of it, he’s hiding something large in that pouch. He works his growing cock through the fabric, finally pulling the jack strap off and revealing his thick, uncut cock with large, low-hanging balls. He starts jacking his meat, adding a little spit for some lube. It’s not long before Tommy is rock hard, and he really enjoys pulling down on his steel rod and letting it snap back up like a tight spring.

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Tommy Gold Jerks Off for BadPuppy

You can already see his balls start to tighten; he’s been ready to cum all day. Tommy kneels on the chair with his tight furry ass stuck straight up so that we can get a close-up view of his tight, sweet hole. He turns around, laying back in the chair with his huge cock standing straight up and he goes right back to pleasuring himself. He’s soon jacking harder and faster; his breathing gets deep and his nuts all but disappear as he blows a thick load of creamy white jizz all over those six-pack abs. He rolls his foreskin back and forth over his swollen head, squeezing out every last drop. Tommy smiles very contentedly at the camera, as our scene fades to black.

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