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Dariel & Delmar Ponce – Filthy Fuckers Of Mexico

In this episode of Treasure Island Media’s “Filthy Fuckers of Mexico,” leather fetishist Dariel gets fucked bareback by Latin stud Delmar Ponce. Hey Dariel. It’s dinnertime and we got the gorgeous ass of Delmar Ponce as your main course! Oh boy. Dariel has a thick fat one. He licks on Delmar’s hole as an appetizer but it is clear both guys want to be fucking. Delmar thinks his hole is ready but Dariel is merciless as he rams that fattie in and fucks so it hurts.


The top takes the bottom through his paces. First on all his stomach, then turns him over so he can kiss him as he fucks then back on all 4s with the hole high up in the air to take the full girth and length of Dariel’s dick. Dariel has Delmar ride him and then does some kind of reverse fuck position that has the bottom screaming.

That is only Act One, cos after this, they repeat the entire series of positions all over again with Dariel getting more demanding as he goes along. In the end, Dariel pins Delmar down on the bed so he cannot go anywhere and rides his hole making him beg him to breed him – and he does. If there is any doubt, Mecos then ask Delmar to push the cum out. Kind of a waste of cum, but also super-hot to see the load.

Dariel & Delmar Ponce - Filthy Fuckers Of Mexico

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