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BRAZIL UNDERGROUND: Gabriel Santanna Plows Woofpigboy

BRAZIL UNDERGROUND by Treasure Island Media continues with 2 more Brazilian muscle gods – extra sexy Gabriel Santanna and Woofpigboy. Woofpigboy is a big Treasure Island fan as is evident by the TIM logo tattoo on his chest. Gabriel Santanna has a nice uncut cock that he loves to have serviced as much as he loves to fuck hole and breed.
After a little dick sucking and ass eating, Gabriel’s cock is planted deep in Woof’s ass as he takes the aggressive top from behind on all 4s.

Some dick to mouth action and Woofpigboy is riding Gabriel’s cock. Back to sucking his dick. Back to tasting his ass on the man’s rod.

We love the moment that a top decides he is ready to cum. You can almost see it when Gabriel tosses Woofpigboy back on all 4s and impales him with his cock, fucks him with no mercy and unleashes his jizz in the cunt giving Woofpigboy no other choice that to take the load.

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