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FTM Men: Jesse Diamond & Sean Duran – Chapter 3

This week from FTM Men, Jesse Diamond’s dick-and-pussy combo turns Sean Duran on in so many new ways that he can’t help but blow a huge load! Sean has Jesse sitting up on a countertop as they make out; tatts and muscles everywhere you look. Jesse has a sizable bulge in his shorts as Sean is getting harder by the minute as they explore each other’s mouths. Sean is a master; he switches up the pace regularly to add to the intensity. Fast flicks followed by slow sucking, Jesse is really turned on by it all! Sean is ready to dive deeper and helps Jesse remove his clothes, setting that bulge free and showing us another surprise! Jesse is a muscled, tattooed FTM Man with both a penis and a pussy!

Jesse strokes his sizable cock while Sean turns his attention to the man-clit and pussy that are now dripping wet just for him! Jesse’s moans fill the room and he absent-mindedly strokes his dick while his legs wrap themselves around Sean’s masculine tattooed face. Sean’s tongue laps hungrily at Jesse’s pussy; he can’t get enough of this boy’s extra entrance! Jesse flips things around so he can feel the tickle of Sean’s dong down his throat. He opens wide and swallows Sean down to the hilt. Almost no gag reflex here! Jesse’s an experienced pro and he is going to gobble that throb knob like a champ.

Sean turns his attention back to Jesse’s manpussy, spinning our FTM Stud around for some rear access action. Jesse loves getting pounded from behind with Sean’s meaty hands holding him face-down on the countertop. Jesse’s dick shows a mind of its own, swinging like a pendulum between his legs each time Sean thrusts himself into Jesse’s pussy. It’s as though it, too, wants to reach back to fuck Jesse’s pussy! The fever pitch grows and grows with Jesse’s higher-pitched moans and Sean’s guttural grunts. Sean’s getting closer and closer, which turns Jesse on even more!

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Scene Photos

FTM Men: Jesse Diamond & Sean Duran - Chapter 3

FTM Men: Jesse Diamond & Sean Duran - Chapter 3 1

FTM Men: Jesse Diamond & Sean Duran - Chapter 3 2

FTM Men: Jesse Diamond & Sean Duran - Chapter 3 3

FTM Men: Jesse Diamond & Sean Duran - Chapter 3 4

FTM Men: Jesse Diamond & Sean Duran - Chapter 3 5

FTM Men: Jesse Diamond & Sean Duran - Chapter 3 6


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