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Joshua Oaks & Legrand Wolf – Fun Size Boys

This week from FunSizeBoys, Dr. Legrand Wolf and Joshua Oaks meet again. The two men compare size and end up in passionate bareback fucking.

Dr. Wolf and Joshua snuggle on the couch, watching TV when the brawny doctor begins comparing the size of his own hand against the much smaller man’s. The two of them get turned on as they continue to compare other appendages and end up in an intense make-out session. They continue to kiss and compare as articles of clothing are coming off. Joshua ends up naked first, with the doctor following close behind. Dr. Wolf notes that the man has considerable heft in his dick, though his own is still quite larger as the shorter stud can barely fit his hand around it.

Dr. Wolf sits on the couch and motions for Joshua to come take a seat. The shorter man points his hungry hole at the man’s rock hard cock and works it inside himself. Joshua impales himself on the man’s cock and has the entire length and girth inside of his hungry hole. He and the doctor go back and forth between Joshua riding the doctor, and Dr. Wolf pumping in and out of him. The two of them kiss and moan ecstatically between the riding and pumping. Joshua soon gets on all fours and Dr. Wolf pounds him doggystyle. Dr. Wolf soon leans over the bottom and wraps his arm around Joshua as he picks up speed in thrusting deep inside and out of the shorter man’s hole as orgasm begins to well up.

With his balls now slapping Joshua’s cheeks with every deep and swift thrust, the large doctor explodes inside him, flooding his guts into a creamy finish.

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Joshua Oaks & Legrand Wolf - Fun Size Boys

Joshua Oaks & Legrand Wolf - Fun Size Boys 1

Joshua Oaks & Legrand Wolf - Fun Size Boys 2

Joshua Oaks & Legrand Wolf - Fun Size Boys 3

Joshua Oaks & Legrand Wolf - Fun Size Boys 4

Joshua Oaks & Legrand Wolf - Fun Size Boys 5


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