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Johnny Rapid Bangs Raw Aiden Asher

This week Johnny Rapid has invited the blonde hottie Aiden Asher for a joint scene for Johnny’s site. The result is this cool video. We find the muscular blonde jock with his t-shirt off but still wearing blue jeans, lying on his stomach on the couch sucking Johnny’s cock. Johnny is sitting on the edge of the sofa and is clearly enjoying Aiden’s naughty lips and tongue very much.

Aiden Asher then takes off his jeans and sits on top of Johnny Rapid, taking his cock deep into his hole. The initiative is his again as he rides Johnny, whose cock moves back and forth. Finally, Johnny places Asher on his back, spreads his legs, and thrusts him into a missionary position till both of them cum.

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Scene Photos

Johnny Rapid Bangs Raw Aiden Asher
Johnny Rapid Bangs Raw Aiden Asher 1
Johnny Rapid Bangs Raw Aiden Asher 2
Johnny Rapid Bangs Raw Aiden Asher 3
Johnny Rapid Bangs Raw Aiden Asher 4
Johnny Rapid Bangs Raw Aiden Asher 5
Johnny Rapid Bangs Raw Aiden Asher 6
Johnny Rapid Bangs Raw Aiden Asher 7

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Johnny Rapid
JohnnyRapid.Com Who Is Johnny Rapid?
Hey everyone, I’m Johnny Rapid, welcome to my personal gay bareback porn site! For those of you who don’t know me, I started shooting porn videos back in 2010 and since then I’ve done a lot of fucking! You could say my career is pretty prolific, I appeared in over 200 gay studio scenes before I decided to branch out and start my own website.
My goal for the site has always been to shoot the kind of porn I enjoy most, no scripts, no acting, no fancy sets, just hot and intense hardcore fucking. There’s been a lot of questions about my sexuality over the years and I guess how I identify has changed over time. I would say that I’m very fluid with my sexuality and would describe myself today as pansexual.
Although I’m known in the industry for my gay scenes I’m really excited to expand on the content I shoot and I’d love for my fans to be a part of this journey. For now, all the scenes on my site are gay oriented but don’t be surprised if you see a bi, straight or trans scene show up here and there. I hope you come along for the ride!

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