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Landon Davis & Ryan St. Michael At Scoutboys

This week from ScoutBoys, sneaky Scout Landon Davis gets some alone time with a sexy Scoutmaster Ryan St. Michael who fucks Landon’s ass raw. Now, you might call me a little bit sneaky. But a couple of days ago, I figured out a way to spend a bit of alone time with St. Michael by pretending to miss a hike that we were all supposed to be on. I knew he’d be staying on the campsite to keep an eye on things and figured that if he did his rounds and found me in a slightly uncompromising position in one of the tents… well, you never know.

It worked like a charm. I heard him approach, so I made sure I was lying in my tent in just my underpants, nursing a hard-on, with the blanket casually pushed aside so he got an eyeful. Sure enough, he climbed inside the tent and sat right next to me! He knew what I wanted and I knew what he wanted. A bit of clumsy small talk and led his hand to my thigh, and then on my bulge, and then his fingers were sliding underneath the tight fabric of my underwear. I was in heaven!

He kissed me so tenderly. Like a lover. My entire body started to tremble and shiver like the leaves rustling in the trees above the tent.He unzipped his shirt to reveal a ripped torso covered in a masculine layer of fur. Then he pushed down his pants and his dick sprang out. It was rock-hard and it had an upward curve to it, almost like a banana.

Within seconds he was inside me and it felt amazing. I entirely lost the ability to do anything but gasp and moan wondering how anything had the right to feel that good! He turned me onto my back, and I found myself staring into his eyes again, fighting the desire to tell him I was the luckiest boy on the planet.

He got on his back and I squatted over him, slowly allowing his manhood to penetrate my tight hole. He started to groan like crazy and I knew I’d hit the sweet spot and, sure enough, his semen was soon gushing into me with force. I grabbed my dick and started to jerk myself feeling my balls twitching before huge jets of spunk flew onto my stomach.

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Landon Davis & Ryan St. Michael At Scoutboys
Landon Davis & Ryan St. Michael At Scoutboys 1
Landon Davis & Ryan St. Michael At Scoutboys 2
Landon Davis & Ryan St. Michael At Scoutboys 3
Landon Davis & Ryan St. Michael At Scoutboys 4
Landon Davis & Ryan St. Michael At Scoutboys 5

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