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Damian Dragon Bangs Luke Truong

This week from Damian Dragon, another extra good bareback session with a special guest star – the power bottom and rising star Luke Truong. Here’s what Damian Dragon wrote: Luke is one of the sexiest boys I’ve filmed with. He’s super connected when it comes down to fucking.

Luke always has a huge smile of enjoyment on his face even when he’s getting drilled hard. Uncut boys always know how to suck another uncut cock just right and Luke did not disappoint. I flip Luke on to all fours and rim his smooth hole before drilling him with my uncut cock.

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Scene Photos

Damian Dragon Bangs Luke Truong
Damian Dragon Bangs Luke Truong 1
Damian Dragon Bangs Luke Truong 2
Damian Dragon Bangs Luke Truong 3
Damian Dragon Bangs Luke Truong 4
Damian Dragon Bangs Luke Truong 5

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DamianXDragon.Com Who is Damian X Dragon?
Damian Dragon is a performer based in New York City.
Damian’s career started in front of the camera in his early twenties. As he got more heavily tattooed, he also became more heavily invested in the BDSM scene, and his work became fetish-oriented. Being an exhibitionist by nature, there was a natural transition to work as an adult performer.
Damian is a performer in the broadest sense. His live performances, seen in some of the most debaucherous pansexual events in NYC, blur the lines between art, burlesque, and pornography.

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