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The Campsite: Nathan James & Tucker Barrett

Nathan James and Tucker Barrett have great moments together at the campsite of Scoutboys where Tucker gives Nathan the fuck of his life. Here’s Tucker’s point of vision: I’ve always been intrigued by Nathan. I took him on his first trip out into the wilderness last week. I was quite surprised to learn that he’d never been camping before, and even more shocked when he turned up two hours early!

The moment I saw him, I knew I had to have him, so I invited him into my tent and within seconds we were kissing.

I hastily tore his shirt off, desperate to run my big hands over his smooth, pale chest. He responded to every move I made, shuddering and whimpering helplessly.

I slowly unzipped his shorts, exposing his throbbing boyhood to the sweet, pine-scented breezes drifting into the tent, before slowly running my tongue over his beautiful, tight hole.

My dick was soon throbbing, begging to escape from the tight prison of my uniform pants. I released it and slowly pushed myself into the boy. He gasped as ripples of pure rapture engulfed his body. His ass muscles gripped onto my dick like a vice as my balls banged against his buttocks.

I went harder and he yelled and thrashed his head around like a wounded animal, ruthlessly ensnared by my insatiable cock. The boy was mine and I needed to brand him internally with my juices.

My swollen dick suddenly exploded like a bomb, and a vast quantity of semen leapt into his hungry body. I pulled out and told him to get dressed and make himself look presentable, knowing that the fun had only just begun!

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The Campsite: Nathan James & Tucker Barrett
The Campsite: Nathan James & Tucker Barrett 1
The Campsite: Nathan James & Tucker Barrett 2
The Campsite: Nathan James & Tucker Barrett 3
The Campsite: Nathan James & Tucker Barrett 4
The Campsite: Nathan James & Tucker Barrett 5

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