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Gay FuckingGaycest: Hunter Graham & Reece Scott

Gaycest: Hunter Graham & Reece Scott

When two gay men are alone in an apartment, there can be no sexual tension. Hunter Graham and Reece Scott figured it out in a very nice way.

In chapter 1 of their Gaycest story, Hunter Graham and Reece Scott meet after many years of not seeing each other and passion burns between them. Reece is the hot older man and Hunter plays the role of his stepson as Hunter’s father is the husband of Reece. The basis of the story-line is the fact that, in addition to his father and his husband, Hunter is also gay.

Here’s how Reece told that story. I dreaded heading back to the apartment knowing that Hunter was there. We’d never addressed the huge thing sitting between us: We’re both gay. Of course, I’d known he was cute from our Facetime chats, but seeing him in person made me realize how beautiful he was. It was almost unfair how handsome he had become, his shyness only adding to his allure. Our eyes locked and my pulse raced as I finally found the courage to ask, “Would you like to…”

Gaycest: Hunter Graham & Reece ScottGaycest: Hunter Graham & Reece Scott 1Gaycest: Hunter Graham & Reece Scott 2Gaycest: Hunter Graham & Reece Scott 3Gaycest: Hunter Graham & Reece Scott 4Gaycest: Hunter Graham & Reece Scott 5

Before I could finish my sentence, Hunter had already moved closer and delicately traced soft circles on my crotch. His large hands sent chills of anticipation through my body as our lips locked. All doubts faded away as we kissed passionately.

We slid onto the carpeted floor, clothes disappearing piece by piece until there was nothing left between us. With a few gentle pushes, Hunter laid on his back while I straddled him. My heart thudded wildly against my chest as I slowly thrust into him. Each motion filled me with pleasure and desire like nothing else I’d ever experienced before.

Gaycest: Hunter Graham & Reece Scott 6Gaycest: Hunter Graham & Reece Scott 7Gaycest: Hunter Graham & Reece Scott 8Gaycest: Hunter Graham & Reece Scott 9Gaycest: Hunter Graham & Reece Scott 10Gaycest: Hunter Graham & Reece Scott 11

Our breathing intensified as we both found our way to ecstasy together. When we were done, we lay there in blissful silence, tangled up in each other’s embrace. After that night, there was no denying how strong our connection was.

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