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Christian Wilde & Dalton Riley vs Tristan West & Jesse Stone

Christian Wilde, Dalton Riley, Tristan West and Jesse Stone form the most impressive foursome ever.

Christian Wilde and Dalton Riley put their boyfriends Tristan West and Jesse Stone through a series of BDSM procedures before they go wild. Tristan West is desperate to introduce his husband Christian Wilde to his new boyfriend, Jesse Stone. But little does he know, Christian and Jesse’s boyfriend Dalton Riley have a secret plan to dominate and ravage each other’s partners.

As they all sit down for a seemingly innocent dinner, Christian and Dalton suddenly disappear and return wearing tight leather and wielding ominous tools. They pounce on Jesse and Tristan, gagging them with ball gags and binding them tightly to the chairs with rope. With their gloved hands, they deliver punishing blows that leave bright red marks on their captives’ skin. Switching to a crop and leather paddle, they continue to unleash their sadistic desires on Tristan and Jesse.

In the next scene, Jesse and Tristan are forced onto their knees, their bare asses pressed together in an intimate display of vulnerability. Bound in intricate rope bondage, they are helpless as Christian thrusts a massive double-ended dildo into both of their quivering assholes. As they bounce against each other, writhing in pleasure and pain, Christian and Dalton take turns forcing their throbbing cocks into their mouths.

For the final act of depravity, Christian and Dalton subject Tristan and Jesse to intense flogging while simultaneously penetrating them from behind. Grunting with primal lust, they pound relentlessly until they all reach the edge of ecstasy. And in one explosive climax, they release their hot loads all over their captives’ bodies, marking them as their willing playthings forevermore.

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