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Sir Malice Uses His Property During A Live Show

Frock The Worlds’s experiments with unusual forms of sex continue into the depths of BDSM.

This week Frock The World are showing us an amazing BDSM show by Sir Malice and his property, made live for the subscribers of Cam 4. If you’re a fan of true BDSM in its purest form, that will be impressive for you.

Sir Malice (He/Him) and his submissive, Property of Sir Malice(He/Him), are full relationship goals. They have a longstanding Dom/Sub relationship that allows both of them to explore the rich depths of their desires. If you caught Sir Malice in FROCK Vol 2′ Fantasy Fuel’ you already know he’s not playing any games when it comes to BDSM.

An expert in impact play and rope bondage, tune in to watch Sir Malice deliver a premium cam-show full of hits,smacks and spanks!

โ€˜SMACK MY BITCH UP’ is part of โ€˜LIVE! A streaming series of live cam shows produced in collaboration Originally shot in real time, the series was live streamed on with 16 performers over the course of 4 weeks. Every scene is unscripted,unedited and totally real.

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