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Sodomy Squad: Lust For Power

The story of the superheroes of Fucktropolis continues at ASGmax with Dr. Power getting fucked raw by big-dicked Peter Pecker. Dr. Power has captured Peter, his body trembling with anticipation as he envisions the unspeakable acts that await him. The villain’s devious plan looms over Fucktropolis, a threat to its very existence.

Dressed in a tight leather suit, Dr. Power exudes an aura of seduction and power, causing Peter’s mind to fog with desire. Lost in a haze of arousal, Peter surrenders himself to the man who is both his captor and his temptation. Their bodies collide in a frenzy of carnal desperation, each thrust driving them closer to their own destruction.

As Peter succumbs to ecstasy and releases himself inside the villain’s depraved hole, a sense of dread washes over him – has he just sealed the fate of Fucktropolis by succumbing to Dr. Power’s dark desires? Or is there still a chance for him to save the city from its inevitable demise?

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